31 Fashion Photography Quotes of All Time

31 Fashion Photography Quotes of All Time

31 Fashion Photography Quotes of All Time

People mistakenly believed that this was a computer IT job, but it won’t affect fashion photography, television, or my everyday communications in any way. It won’t affect my phone, my microphone, my light controller, my microwave radio, my – I mean, just about anything. Juan Enriquez

The adversary of the genuine is the antithesis of it: fashion. Fashion photography is subversive because it leads you to assume that what you see is real when it is utterly untrue. A distortion, it is the opposite of a mirror. Patrick Demarchelier

It’s a dream to think about fashion photography. We seem to all aspire to be those women. We want to put on their gowns. Stella McCartney

Dresses are not the only items that can be considered fashionable. Fashion is everywhere in the sky, on the street and it has to do with our thoughts, our way of life, and the current events. Coco Chanel

I’m not very social. Not that I’m uncomfortable. I’m decent, but I find it tedious. not the individuals, but everything. Who knows? It doesn’t produce much. All that I want to do is fashion, photography, and writing. That’s all there is. Karl Lagerfeld

“Fashion is a part of daily life and it changes constantly in response to circumstances. Even the nearing of a revolution can be seen in clothing. In clothing, everything is visible and tactile. Diana Vreeland

“Avoid following trends. Don’t let fashion define you; instead, take control of who you are and what you want to communicate through your appearance and way of life.” Gianni Versace

“Particularly in today’s era of instantaneous human contact, what you wear says a lot about who you are to the outside world. Fashion speaks to us immediately.” Miuccia Prada

“I believe that everything is beautiful. What “normal” people would consider ugly, I typically find to be beautiful.” Alexander McQueen

Each of us already have style; all we need to do is identify it. Diane von Furstenberg

If you don’t wear high heels, how can you live the high life? Sonia Rykiel

You must possess style. You can use it to descend the steps. You benefit from it in the morning. It’s an approach to life. You are nothing without it. I’m not referring to a lot of clothing. Diana Vreeland

“You can never be too careful when selecting your footwear. “Too many women believe they are inconsequential, yet a woman’s feet are the true indicator of her elegance.” Christian Dior

“Four times a year, designers offer you new fashion. And your choice of fashion.” Lauren Hutton

“A woman’s figure should follow the shape of her dress, not the other way around.” Hubert de Givenchy

“You may purchase fashion, but you must own style. Learning who you are, which takes years, is the secret to style. There is no style instruction manual. It has to do with attitude and self-expression above anything else.” Iris Apfel

Without having to speak, you may express who you are through style. Rachel Zoe

Fashion is Like eating, you shouldn’t always wear the same thing. Kenzo Takada

Together with Christy, I have a saying. We never get out of bed for less than $10,000 per day. Linda E. Evangelista

31 Fashion Photography Quotes of All Time

Women create fashion, not me, I manufacture clothes. Azzedine Alaa

“I don’t see how you can identify my style because it is not your style. It represents who you are in your own unique way.  Iris Apfel

The woman wearing the garment is what matters most, I’ve come to realize through the years. by Yves Saint Laurent

Whoever stated that you can’t purchase happiness with money just didn’t know where to shop, remarked the speaker. Derek Bo

Good taste combined with a touch of bravery is elegance. Carl Snow

“How I feel affects how I dress. I’ve never had to get myself ready. Most of the time, it merely seems to work.” Rihanna

Fashion is merely an attempt to manifest art through social interaction and living forms. Frank Bacon

“A huge component of my style is humor. To be that stylish roadkill, you have to be prepared to fall on your face a little. I know a lot of individuals who are much more educated than I am who are devoted to fashion, but I also really enjoy it. There is so much more to it than the stuff.” Zo Kravitz

“To start making one’s dreams a reality, one must wear them on one’s feet.” Roger Vivier

“As a lady ages, style becomes more important than fashion. A woman who is more than simply a fashion addict is developing her own particular style as a result of knowing herself better and seeking out new experiences. I’m curious about that.” Michael Ghesquière

“I believe there is a lot that fashion can accomplish. Since fashion is so widely used, it can aid in spreading a message and interacting with younger people.” Ms. Maria Grazia Chiuri

“The way one dresses, or what we in France refer to as le porté, is determined by the shoes, which also influence the mood and attitude. The juxtaposition or décalage of the shoes—high or low—with the other proportions is what matters, not their length.” Hedi Slimane

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