Top 10 African Fashion Designers

Best African Fashion Designers

Best African Fashion Designers

It is indeed a thrilling exciting fascinating fashionable moment with ShopBy Online Mall of choice Fabrics when it comes to African print designs fashion.

We are always writing on our African print because we are promoters of African print designs. Today’s article is dedicated to Nigerian fabrics.

In this article we have brought to you 10 incredibly amazing glittering breathtaking eyes pumping Fashion Designers of Nigeria dresses and styles. They are indeed creative iconic blazing fashion designers and have done tremendous job in shaping the face of fashion in Nigeria and in Africa as a whole.

Just keep reading through as you will be glad you did and all pros and credits in this article goes to those lovely creative resourceful and iconic Nigerian fashion designers whose designs are represented in this very article.

Best African Fashion Designers

From Number Ten(10) we have Voila following Coca she is the founder of the international fashion brand titanic amber started in 1998 in Lagos Nigeria she was born in Lagos but ended up schooling all around Europe in places like Switzerland England and Scotland in this places she mixed with so many cultures and she discovered her love for fashion and fashion design she came back to Lagos and started a brand and this brand has gone places she has been very instrumental in Nigerian fashion on a global scene she’s the first African fashion designer to showcase her talent at the new york mercedes fashion week two years in Europe she’s also been featured by international media houses such as CNN she received a wie award in 2013 and in addition has made it to the Forbes par women in Africa list we absolutely love folate and her designs i mean what’s not to love.

Best African Fashion Designers Number Nine

At number nine(9) we have Guru ulu in Nigerian jamaican fashion designer based in london his designs are unique colorful and tasteful and have been worn on celebrities like Michelle Obama solange knows omar thurman to name but a few in 2005 he get this he was the first ever designer to be named new designer of the year at the london fashion week without staging a catwalk show in the same year he also won the swiss textile federation stock price of 100 000 euros and the British and American vogue named his waist patchwork cloth or his waste patchwork dress as one of the best dresses of the year or as the dress of the year mind you in 2009 at the african fashion awards he was named the best international designer we absolutely love those designs.

Best African Fashion Designers Number Eight

Number eight(8) we have renowned fashion designer dear lasago i mean who doesn’t love the other who doesn’t love a beautiful house of dear lasagna peace and that is the name of her fashion label and she is known worldwide she has gotten a lot of high from media personalities like oprah winfrey will smith they’re like oh my god we love this woman love her love for african prince and we love how she’s putting africa out there we love her too here at coma club and we’re so excited kyola has showcased her kitty collection in so many different countries and has even gone on to win the mnet anglo gold african award in the year 2000 she has three children tennie tijuan abba who went on to form the popular c-l-a-n Clan fashion label they’re following after their mother’s footsteps.

Best African Fashion Designers Number Seven

Number seven(7) we have Lisa Folavey a Nigerian fashion designer who uses ankara prints to create innovative and beautiful modernized designs she has featured in so many countries and so many fashion weeks like the paris fashion week new york fashion week she’s featured in the uk the united states south africa among other places lisa says her style is simplistic albeit a bit innovative.

Best African Fashion Designers Number Six

Number six(6) we have the talent head fashion designer and influencer of the style long gay vital longest started the brand kai collective in 2016 but did not get her first good year until 2019 um slash 2020 actually when she created the gaia dress the gaia dress has since become a celebrity favorite even featured on beyonce’s black-owned everything directory worn by so many celebrities and influencers fissile is on her way to the top five years of business and many years behind her in fashion influencing visaya definitely knows what she is doing and we really want to see more of visaya in the fashion industry.

Best African Fashion Designers Number Five

Number five(5) we have Lola fati who is a Nigerian-born new York-based fashion designer she hails from Ondo state and got into fashion pretty early when she used to help her grandmother who was a fashion designer and seamstress so when lala moved to the united states she got into fashion her love for fashion was showing through her style and she was able to start her own collection a lot of her character loves she has very innovative prints bold designs and i absolutely want to wear a la la futurity dress i really do you want to buy me one.

Best African Fashion Designers Number Four

Number four(4) we have someone who is a little different from the norm so we’ve gone through a lot of fashion designers and while this particular person is also a fashion designer, he has had a 25 year career span in makeup in choreography in entertainment and finally in fashion his name is frank oshody and frank oshody has been at this for a pretty long time in 2001 when agbani daruego won the miss world tournament or beauty pageant mind you he was hired by silver bed television to become the head designer and makeup artist for the model frank oshady prior to this used to be a used to work at top fashion houses he also was a makeup artist and he was a model before he himself became a model manager frank oshody’s career is about effortless beauty and elegance and it shows through in all the models he has worked for and every single person that has had the opportunity to work with him we absolutely love frank osg and we thought he deserved to be featured on this list.

Best African Fashion Designers Number Three

Number three(3) we have Zizi Kadru cadreau has been at this for 21 years and counting yes she’s still at this she’s been doing this since she was only 17 when she got into an italian fashion house and discovered her love and passion for fashion i think that that’s one thing you would notice from every single person on her on our list their love and passion for fashion they stumbled on the industry they fell in love with it and this is really what fashion is you know it’s just so difficult to not fall in love with fashion zizi is the name of her label and she has been recognized all over the world she was one of the first few people to popularize the ankara fabric making it such that it’s now wanted red carpet events and the likes she’s been worn by celebrities featured on channel o mtv mtv days and honestly zizzy’s that lady she’s that woman she’s that that designer yeah.

Best African Fashion Designers Number Two

Number two(2) we have a really famous and amazing bespoke tailor and fashion designer mai atafu i really hope i’m pronouncing his name properly because this is how we’ve always pronounced it so maya atafu started his brand and his fashion line and he has gone on to attract a lot of celebrity clientele he makes beautiful bespoke so see like his tailoring is so good you guys i just have to say that my my atarpho has been on this scene for a pretty long time although he studied IT and it systems he actually fell into the fashion industry and he has gone on to address so many uh media personalities among which are the most beautiful girl in Nigeria in 2005 omar mia kim fesi osakio dua as well as mercy josie two baba what jay ben ajibadi and stephanie kiriki amongst others he launched his wedding flash online weddings by may in 2011 and his designs have been featured on many top stages.

Best African Fashion Designers Number one

Number one(1) we have Adebakari like we said at the start of this video this video has no particular order it’s not in order of preference it’s not an order of who is the best or anything this is just a list of 10 African designers who are making it big on the global scale i think Bakari started his fashion line at the Bakari in 1991 and he has over two decades of experience in the fashion industry he has an exclusive clientele both in Nigeria and in London and he’s very well known for his organza and female Gaza clothing he has received a good number of awards and recognition for his fashion and has exhibited his couture in many places such as in the uk the us um south Africa Paris to name just a few adebay is a legend when it comes to fashion and we absolutely love his pieces.

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