Best Waterproof Fabrics Suitable for Sewing

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Best Waterproof Fabrics

1. Polyester fleece

It is important to know Fleece can be water resistant depending on its quality (not waterproof). Denser the fleece the more it is water repellant.

Because of its water repellent quality, it is frequently used to make cloth diaper outer layers.  With a specially applied water-repellent coating, you can make fleece more water resistant than it is originally.

2. Wool Best Waterproof Fabrics

No doubt that Wool is naturally water resistant (not waterproof) and it is a natural fabric which is its USP; if coated with lanolin you can increase its water resistance. You may have to do this periodically. You can also buy boiled wool which is also very water resistant – this wool is boiled in hot water and made denser so that the waterproof quality is increased. Wool felt is used to make hats which can stand some amount of rain exposure. 

3. Vinyl, pleather and plastic

It is important to know that these artificial materials are waterproof and are usually used in sewing to make cosmetic bags, tote bags, beach bags, placemats etc. If you are making marine upholstery and stuff needed on boats, you will need to buy 100% waterproof marine vinyl fabric like expanded Vinyl (Polyvinyl chloride) with fabric backing or Vinyl and Polyester Composite fabric.

Naugahyde is an American brand name for a vinyl material designed to resemble leather, made from fabric coated with rubber or vinyl resin. It is an upholstery material that is tough, durable, supple, flexible and waterproof.

4. PEVA Best Waterproof Fabrics

PEVA is acronym for polyethylene vinyl acetate. This PVC-free, non-chlorinated waterproof material is considered as a toxic free alternative for PVC. It is used to make waterproof shower curtain liners.

5. Densely woven branded fabrics

Fabrics made of cotton or synthetic micro denier filament yarns with compacted weave structure are trusted to be water repellent and even water proof because they are made with this purpose – with very little pores between them so that the water will not pass through them. They may also be given a Durable waterproof repellent (DWR) coating to make them waterproof.

Check out more details of a specialized fabric Ventile here which is a branded cotton fabric with water resisting properties. The densely woven cotton textile gives reasonable protection against typical rain, as claimed by the manufacturers.

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