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Best Wedding Hair Styles In Nigeria

Brides with short hairstyles frequently struggle to decide what they want to do with their hair on their wedding day because everyone wants what they can’t have. Although curls are often associated with wedding hair, from bombshell waves to half-up, half-down styles, straight-haired brides are all too familiar with spending hours curling, setting, and spraying their curls only for them to fall out in less than an 60 minutes.

On your wedding day, embrace your natural hairstyle to get a look you adore and that is really you. Although stiff spirals and loose waves are frequently seen in fashionable bridal hairstyles, straight forms can be just as stunning. To showcase the highlights and depths in your hair color, wear your straight hair up, down, or in braids. Straight wedding haircuts can be casually casual and low-key or elegant and stylish. There is a straight wedding hairstyle to fit every appearance you want for your big day.

Smooth and symmetrical

Little styling is necessary because the black hair is so lovely. After straightening, use a shine serum to keep the frizz at bay and keep those strands looking shiny. This understated bridal style is finished with a middle part.

Classic Chignon

Due to the variety of shapes and styles available, updos are ideal for brides with straight hair. This bride opted for a classic chignon that was carefully placed above the head and gave her naturally straight hair a stunningly thick appearance.

Unhurried Low Bun

Low buns are a favorite of low-maintenance brides because they keep their hair out of their faces and off of their necks, which is vital to keep in mind for summer weddings. This bride chose a straightforward bun that was pinned closely to her head, had some volume at the crown, and swooped neatly behind her ear in the front.


We recommend getting a blowout from a professional the day of or the day before your wedding if you want to add body, volume, and movement to your straight wedding style even though your hair might not be able to maintain a curl. Utilize a blow dry spray that will give you more volume and make your hair look fuller to prevent flat hair.

Horse Up

Straight-haired brides can arrange their ponytails in one of two ways: untidy and boho, like the bride in this photo, or incredibly glamorous and red carpet-inspired. Both looks display bridal gowns with a deep V-neckline in the front or rear and seem effortlessly cool.

Bob bouncy

Most people with extremely straight hair have at some point in their lives had a bob. An extremely simple way to style a straight haired bob is to blow it out to give body and curl the ends inward for a really stylish appearance. Adding drama is a deep side portion.

Clean-Back Volume

Straight hair always has a polished and beautiful appearance, which is one of its best qualities. Take this straightforward, slicked-back bun. The hairstyle is made taller by the volume in the middle of the hair, giving it a traditional, formal bridal appearance.

Take off your Hat

Concerned that your curls may become flat? Permit them! The outcome is a delicate wave with a disheveled appearance that is both rustic and ethereal.

Half-Up, Half-Down Multi-Layer

It’s crucial to give straight hair, which is typically very flat, some dimension. The bride’s hair appears unusually long and thick in this multi-layered half-up, half-down style.

Simple elegance

A straightforward updo complements nearly every bridal style, but it looks especially lovely with this patterned wedding dress. The stunning bride doesn’t get lost in a sea of hair when a few face-framing layers are removed from one side.

Leaky Locks

On its own, this elegant scalloped veil is truly breathtaking. Her delicate bridal ensemble is strikingly complemented by her straight hair.

Chic Center Section

A haircut that whispers is appropriate for a bridal dress that dazzles. This elegant center section does that by focusing all eyes on the bride and her stunning gown.

Stunning Blunt Bangs

Straight haired brides look stunning with bangs, and we are in love with this bride’s hairdo. This blunt cut gives structure to the design without detracting from the dress and is quite flattering on her facial shape.

Bundled Bun

The glossy wrapped bun worn by this stunning bride serves as evidence that straight wedding hairstyles can enhance any bridal appearance. Whether or not a veil is worn, this look is unquestionably winning.

Straight-up Bangin

We adore so many aspects of this easy bridal hairdo, including the Bridgette Bardot bangs and those slightly undone wavy locks. But what we adore even more is the stark contrast between this look and a magnificent bouquet and long dress.

The Grand Moment

As seen on the bride in this photo, elaborate hair crowns placed backward are stunning from the rear while maintaining a delicate and simple front. Additionally, it provides the bridal appearance a slight edge that contrasts with the overall extremely feminine appearance.

Smooth Layers

Make the most of your long hair by letting it fall naturally. Although a layered haircut is quite adaptable, we prefer the way a simple all-down style accentuates the delicate layers and offers lots of movement.


Hair styling is very important especially when it comes to major event ceremonies of which wedding is not left out, this article above have a list of varieties of different quick easy made hairstyles for ladies going for any event. ShopBy Online Mall got you covered on getting the best and quality Hair wigs, Fabrics and Already Made Fashioned dresses.

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