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Corel has grown into a market leader thanks to its reputation for ease of use and reliability. We have a track record of innovation dating back more than three decades; we know where you’ve been and can help you go where you want to go. We help your teams get where they need to go with our full suite of creative, collaborative, and productive tools. Corel can help you with everything from making deadlines to making your visions a reality.

Corel Painter is a painting program.

Create stunning works of art from scratch or modify existing photos with over a thousand high-resolution brushes, advanced color blending, and other powerful features.

Learn about the convenient, low-cost method of staying current with all the new features, brushes, and technology support you can handle.

New Fluid brushes, Thick Paint, water colors, pastels, oils, acrylics, airbrushes, and proprietary digital effects like Particles, F-X, Pattern Pens, and Image Hoses are just some of the tools at your disposal for creating works of art on your canvas. Buy Corel Painter Software!

Create your creation with Photoshop’s plethora of useful features, such as fully customizable brushes, a flexible canvas, built-in color mixing and intuitive composition and selection tools.
Get the most out of your drawing tablet or stylus with intuitive painting controls like pressure, tilt, bearing, and rotation.
Papers, patterns, textures, gradients, and more are provided so you can spice up your artwork.

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Product Description

Step into a world of endless possibilities with Painter and create your masterpiece with our trusted painting software. Sketch, paint, and illustrate unparalleled artwork using hundreds of realistic, artist-created brushes, superior blending, impressive textures, and an array of versatile art tools. With a powerful built-in Brush Accelerator™, you can make the most of your CPU and GPU and optimize Painter’s performance with one click. Create your own brushes and other content, customize the UI, and find inspiration by sharing your content with fellow artists. Plus, expand your painting knowledge with a library of free learning resources. Painter 2023. Venture outside the lines.

Subscribers get more! As a valued Painter subscriber, you will enjoy exclusive benefits:

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Minimum System Requirements:

* Additional space may be required for Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7


** Corel Painter supports pen and display tablets from Wacom, Xencelabs, Huion and other Wintab-compatible tablets.

Increase the bar for success.

How do you measure success and make progress in a dynamic corporate environment? You need a set of tools that can always be one step ahead of any problem.

Many of the most popular software programs on the planet owe their success to Corel, enabling their millions of users to improve their productivity, efficiency, and originality every day. As a company, we are at the forefront of innovation thanks to our portfolio of products that is tailored specifically for the modern digital workforce and is always being improved.

Customers raise the bar on possibility with Corel and turn it into reality. Our solutions are flexible enough to meet the new standards they set. Corel products are known for their intuitive interfaces and ability to work together without a hitch. We’ve finished the hard part, so you can press on.

Abundant originality. Completely cross-platform efficiency, from brainstorming to completing a task. Easy communication between nearby locations and those halfway across the world. Buy Corel Painter Software!

At what point did you cease considering yourself an artist?

It’s possible that you’re still an artist at heart and this doesn’t refer to you. Really, that is something to behold.

The occurrence of this phenomenon is also far less common than it should be. We recently polled 2,572 individuals in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, South Africa, and India and Nigeria

The majority of people (56%) claim they started a new creative pastime during the shutdown as a result of the pandemic. 53% of people polled said they weren’t professional designers but would be interested in taking art classes. The yearning is present. Life, unfortunately, gets in the way. The youngster who spent hours drawing now hasn’t picked up a pencil in decades. The adolescent who previously could not see themselves doing anything else with their life gave up design in favor of what they saw as a more realistic career path. So many similar tales can be told.

Lack of time (26% of respondents) and lack of training (22% of respondents) were recognized as two of the most significant obstacles to developing creative skills.

We intend to rectify it. Corel’s mission is to make design accessible to everyone. To us, it’s important that everyone has a safe space for artistic expression. We’re all for individuals who find their calling in it, but nobody should be denied access to it just because they don’t want to make it their living. We believe that the world may be made a better place via the transformative power of art and design. Anyone without proper training shouldn’t be afraid to give it a shot. No one should ever doubt their creative abilities. Buy Corel Painter Software!


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