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Buy eBooks on how to become wealthy.


The way a company handles its money is crucial to its success. But, like most other resources, money is limited. On the other hand, desires can be as big or as small as they want to be. Because of this, it is important for a company to have good financial management. Management of money and finances includes planning, saving, investing, spending, and other financial controls. There is also management of investment portfolios and portfolios as a whole.

What are seven financial management principles?

These seven ideas are fundamental to sound financial management.

  • Survival (Viability)
  • Having integrity (integrity)
  • Taking responsibility (Accountability)
  • The Standards of Accounting (Accounting Standards)
  • Openness and honesty (transparency)
  • Management (Stewardship)
  • Unwavering consistency (consistency)

When you need guidance but don’t know where to start with your finances, it’s a good idea to read books produced by professionals in the field.

Books on personal money management cover a wide range of topics, from getting out of debt to creating an investing portfolio. Books are a fantastic resource for developing new money management habits.

You can improve your financial situation by reading books on personal finance, which you can get for cheap or even free on the internet or from your local library. If you’d rather listen to guidance than read it, you may want to check out audiobooks.

How is money handled?

An effective approach to managing one’s finances involves a variety of components, including but not limited to planning, spending, saving, and investing. Personal financial planning is a service that may be obtained from consultants working for private banks. Commercial banks are able to provide assistance to companies in the management of their finances.

Here are some advice on managing your finances.

  • Responsible financial management begins with a budget.
  • Save first, then spend.
  • Set money goals
  • Invest often
  • Skip debt.
  • Save ahead of time

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Principal financial management choices

Organizational managers make the following decisions to minimize finance costs and maximize profits.

  • Budgeting

Managers must decide how much can be invested long- and short-term. Two types:

Similar to fixed assets, long-term investment decisions and capital budgeting involve long-term financial commitments. These irreversible decisions involve investments in buildings, land, new plants/machinery, etc. These decisions affect a company’s financial performance.
Working Capital Management or short-term investment decisions involve allocating existing assets. These decisions involve short-term investments in inventories, cash, and bank deposits. They affect liquidity and performance.

Managers decide on long- and short-term funding (Capital Structure) (called Working Capital). Two types:

Decisions on sources and uses of money in financial planning. It anticipates an organization’s financial needs to provide appropriate finances. Financial planning ensures funds are available when needed.
Funding sources are part of capital structure considerations. They also involve judgments on whether to raise capital through the sale of shares or bonds or retained earnings.

  • Dividends

These rulings concern dividend payouts. Shareholders want a higher dividend, but management prefers to keep profits for operations. It’s a tough managerial decision.


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