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Video editing is the process of manipulating and arranging individual video shots. Video editing is a process that is utilized to organize and exhibit any and all video content, such as movies and television episodes, video ads, and video essays. In recent years, editing software that is accessible for personal computers has drastically increased accessibility to the process of video editing. Because video editing may be a challenging and laborious process, many different tools have been developed to assist people in doing this work. The goal of the development of pen-based video editing software was to provide users with an easier and more efficient means of editing video.

Video editing software was originally only available on pricey machines known as video editors; however, it is now readily available for use on personal computers as well as workstations. The process of editing video entails reducing unnecessary footage, rearranging the order of clips, and adding transitions and other special effects.

Various kinds of editing

Linear video

In linear video editing, footage is captured on video tape and then edited in a highly linear fashion. Several video clips taken from many tapes are recorded onto a single tape in the order that they will appear in the final product.

Non-linear editing systems

Video can be modified on computers using specialist software called non-linear editing systems (often abbreviated as NLE). The raw video footage is not damaged in any way throughout this process, which is carried out with the assistance of applications like DaVinci Resolve, Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere Pro, and Final Cut Pro.

Offline and Online Editing

The term “offline editing” refers to a procedure in which raw footage is transferred from its original source without having any effect on the film stock or video cassette that was originally used. After the editing process is finished, the next step, known as online editing, involves reassembling the original media.

After an offline edit has been completed, the next step in the editing process is known as online editing. This involves reassembling the edit to the original video in its full resolution. The action takes place during the very last phase of the production of a video.

Cloud-Based Editing

The technique of utilizing the internet to work with content remotely, collaboratively, or of a time-critical nature, such as editing of live sporting events in real-time using video proxies (copies of the original material with a lower resolution), is referred to as cloud-based editing.

Vision mixing

When working in live television and video production contexts, vision mixing is an essential skill to have. A vision mixer is utilized for the purpose of cutting live footage originating from multiple cameras in real time.

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