Can Fashion photography be a career in Nigeria

Can Fashion photography be a career in Nigeria

Can Fashion photography be a career ?

Photography within the present day world has ended up an indistinguishable component of the media and publicizing industry. Not as it were has it affected how we expend media but it moreover has changed our practices and buying designs. We cannot envision a world without photos. Social media stages like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook would not be that prevalent in case photographs were not a portion of them. Shopping centers, bulletins and e-Commerce websites would see destroy in the event that photographs were to be taken out of them. The movement within the amusement and notice industry has driven to the phenomenal development of Photography careers. A range of subfields are accessible within the field of Photography to select from and one of the broadly sought after is Design Photography.

Conditions for Eligibility

The following requirements must be met by aspirant candidates in order to pursue a profession in fashion photography.

The applicant who has experience in the field of fashion photography will be given preference for better jobs.

The applicant must have graduated from a recognized board with a waec degree.

The applicant must have completed a fashion photography diploma or certificate program.

The applicant must hold a degree from an undergraduate or graduate program in a relevant subject, such as photography.

Bringing a portfolio of your work is required for employment interviews.

Learning Photography

It’s common to hear that a degree is not necessary to become a photographer, which is partially accurate. Despite the fact that formal education is not required, taking professional photography courses might help you better comprehend the profile. A diploma in photography is an additional option. Being a competent photographer involves both strong technical and aesthetic understanding, and having a mentor improves your abilities. Numerous institutions overseas offer photography programs that prepare students for careers in the rapidly expanding sector. To produce high-resolution photographs that will appeal to audiences, fashion photography requires a high level of editing abilities and shooting techniques.

Create Portfolio

Photographers are employed based on their past work because they work in a dynamic industry. Possessing a portfolio is essential for becoming a fashion photographer. Photographers today only display their best work on their websites. You should work on developing a solid portfolio if you don’t want to miss any opportunities.

Approach Towards Projects

To launch your career in fashion photography, you should begin accepting little tasks as soon as you gain the self-assurance to work professionally. Starting off by freelancing can be a wise decision. There are many websites for freelancing that offer nominal fees to link you to a huge network of clients, including start-ups and future models.

Required Skills

A fashion photographer needs to have artistic vision. Below are some technical and people skills that a good fashion photographer should possess.

-A master of technical gadgets is required
-Possessing creativity and an artistic approach 
-Possess the Ability to edit and reproduce images 
-Must be efficient with time management
-Possess the Ability to manage several projects
-Must have superior communication abilities

Courses in Fashion Photography

Here are some fashion photography courses for aspiring fashion photographers

Fashion photography degree
Tabletop photography certificate

BSc film and photography
A PG-level diploma in professional photography and videography
BFA and MFA degrees in photography

Job Categories role in Fashion Photography

A fashion photographer can have a successful career in a variety of roles. Here are a few well-known websites for fashion photographers.

Clothing Labels
Fashion shows and exhibitions
fashion magazines and websites
agencies for advertising
catalogs for clothes
Organizational Management and Events
Clothing Studios
Unpaid Photography


Is working as a fashion photographer a wise choice?

Yes absolutely, fashion photography is undoubtedly a secure career choice because there are numerous fashion industries in India that offer fashion photographers a wide range of opportunities. The number of employment options is growing significantly along with the sector. Fashion photographers receive fair compensation.

What kinds of photos are taken for fashion?

There are several types of fashion photography, including:

Fashion in editorial


Street Fashion

Glamour clothing

Fashion in catalog

Pictures for lookbooks

Clothing promotion


Fashion Photography is a very lucrative business and well-paying business especially in the heart of any town in Nigeria. A lot of people have become great through fashion photography in Nigeria. Many also jokingly developed their passion into a skill on fashion photography and as a matter of fact, a lot of people are currently in the run way of developing their passion on photography in fashion photography. As highlighted on this article, fashion photography is really a very nice path of photography which can be done as a career.

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