Changing the Color of Your Sneaker or Converse with Bleach

Change your sneakers color with Bleach ShopBy

Change your sneakers color with Bleach ShopBy

Sneakers are an very important and essential paraphernalia of clothing. They make movements easier and might be the perfect final touch for a fantastic combination. If your shoes are expensive, you may want to keep them looking new for longer. Keeping your shoes appearing brand new when you wear them frequently might be difficult. Fortunately, there are ways to take care of, protect, and prolong the life of your shoes. READ MORE on How to Maintain and store Your Shoes

Using bleach can be a terrific way to modify the color of your Converse sneakers, whether you want to lighten colorful ones or restore ancient ones that were formerly white to their original hue. However it is very important to understand the processes involve in conducting this transformation so as not to end up having separate Hue on one side of the sneaker and another Hue in a different side of the sneaker. 

Changing the Color of Your Converse with Bleach


Your sneakers’ laces should be taken off. They might turn discolored or stop the canvas from evenly bleaching where the laces meet the sneakers if you decide to keep them in place.
If your laces are stained, you might throw them in the washing machine, bleach them separately if they are white, or think about buying new ones.

Step: 2

Any apparent dirt on the sneakers should be removed using a moist cloth. Remove all observable dirt and dust to help your shoes bleach more evenly. Use a scrub brush and cold water to loosen and remove any heavily caked-on dirt if necessary.
Since the entire sneaker and not just the covered portion, will be immersed in bleach, this also applies to the base of your sneakers.
Prior to using strong chemicals like bleach, attempt to utilize a common fabric cleaning.

Step: 3

In a tidy plastic bowl, place the sneakers facing down. This will indeed help the bleach get into the sneaker thoroughly. Also ensure that you bring your bucket and sneakers to a place with good ventilation, such as a yard, patio, or open garage. To avoid bleach leaks, make sure the plastic bucket is intact.

Step: 4

To cover the sneakers, fill the bucket with an equal mixture of water and bleach. If you accidently splash bleach on yourself, wear plastic gloves and clothing you don’t mind spoiling. Never use 100 bleach on your Converse sneakers; it is extremely abrasive and can wear down the canvas or even cause them to become off-white instead of pure-white. These things are avoided by combining water and bleach equal amount of percentage of both the bleach and the water.
To ensure even bleaching, you must totally submerge the shoes in the bleach-water solution.

Step: 4

The bucket should be left overnight outside or in a well-ventilated space. Alternately, if the bleaching process was begun in the morning or afternoon, set a timer for 8 hours and examine your sneakers after that. They won’t be harmed by leaving them in for longer. The longer your colorful Converse sneakers soak in bleach, the better, if your objective is to completely whiten them.
Whether you just want to make a dark pair of sneakers lighter, try soaking them in bleach for two to three hours. Then, after that time, check to see if the sneakers have become sufficiently lighter to the way you want it to be.

Step: 5

Clean the sneakers with soap and water after removing them from the bleach. Take your sneakers out of the plastic bucket and transfer them to a kitchen sink while putting on your rubber gloves and old clothes. Put them through a heated water rinse before applying liquid soap to the canvas. To clean them, use a scrub brush.
You could use an old toothbrush if you don’t have a scrub brush.
You won’t be reversing anything because the bleach should have done its job, but it’s still vital to rinse the bleach residue off to prevent it from transferring to other materials.
Don’t forget to wash both the canvas and the shoe soles simultaneously!

Step: 6

If your sneakers are really not Bright enough, continue the procedure a further one or two times. You might need to continue the bleaching procedure based on how bright or white you want your sneakers to be and how dark they were when you started. Always use gloves while handling bleach, and keep the plastic bucket in a place that is well-ventilated.
One round in the bleach pan should be sufficient if all you were doing was re-whitening your worn-out, white sneakers.

Step: 7

Prior to lacing and wearing the shoes once more, let them air dry. To allow your shoes to dry out, leave them outside in the sun or put them on a surface that is waterproof. Depending on the humidity and moisture levels in your area, it can take them all day to dry.
Never place your Converse sneakers near a heat source or in the dryer as this will weaken the glue and alter the texture of the canvas.


It has been spelt out in this article Changing the Color of Your Sneaker or Converse with Bleach which is might really be an alternative for those who cannot dye their sneaker with artificial dye. so do well by following the listed procedures and get a vivid result afterword’s READ MORE on How to Get Odor Out of Shoes

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