Best Way to Develop Your Style

Developing your Style on Shopby

Developing your Style on Shopby


Decide how you want to appear to others. Think about the specific terms you want others to use to describe you. For example, perhaps you want to appear bubbly and friendly. Maybe you want to be called sophisticated and daring. You might even want to look intelligent and sensible. Write these words down in a list, and think about how your style choices can help you fulfill these terms. Read More on Finding Your Fashion

Play Around With Your Style.

If you haven’t already found your own distinctive style, you should begin and then keep experimenting with it. Try something you wouldn’t typically wear at first, such a color you don’t generally like. Increase your experimentation after that. For instance, you could dress as a mechanic for the day and accessorize accordingly.
Even though the results of your trials may eventually be unsuccessful, it is vital to fail, perhaps even often, in order to become an icon.

Practice Makes Perfect.

I’m going to say this again. Don’t worry about becoming “perfect“: It is a dangerous trap for many of us. What you want to see is improvement in your work over a period of time. It’s easier to see your improvements if you compare your work from a year ago with a week ago (unless you put in many many hours of practice in one week!) Are you happier with what you made? Are you consistently producing high-quality work? Are you putting your best effort into your work? What about your work says it’s yours? Read More on How to Improve Your Sense of Style

Put The Word on Your List to Use.

Review the list of adjectives you typed down to describe your appearance. The wording might have been anything like “futuristic” or “renaissance,” for instance. Look for items of apparel and jewelry that would be considered “futuristic,” “renaissance,” or another term of your choosing. It’s not necessary to dress in a stereotypical manner to match the phrases. Your perception is the only valid one.

Take chances. 

Being a style icon requires taking big risks in fashion.

If you remain in your comfort zone, you can’t influence others. 

You can develop, stay innovative, and ultimately get noticed by taking risks. 

Wearing all-bright orange or dressing in your jammies are two fashion risks you might want to consider. 

The fashion risk should ultimately come from your own originality.

Risk-taking in fashion is never in style right now.

Take Risk

When it comes to being a style icon, taking fashion risks is crucial.
Being comfy prevents you from having any effect. Taking risks promotes growth, keeps you innovative, and ultimately gets you noticed. Wearing all-bright orange or dressing in your jammies as outerwear are two fashion risks you may take. The risk you take with fashion should ultimately come from your own originality.
There will never be a fashion for taking risks with clothing.

Learn How to Sew Clothes.

Although it’s not required, doing this will help you stand out in the fashion world. Nobody else in the world will wear the same thing as you if you make your own clothes. Start creating your own clothing using a computer software or a picture. then discover how to sew your designs.
You may start making clothes for other people and perhaps establish your own clothing brand if you get good at it.

Shop at a Range of Establishments.

When creating your own particular style, you shouldn’t limit your shopping to one store. 

If so, you effectively serve as a model for a designer. 

Instead, go shopping at a variety of establishments. 

Shop at department stores, upscale boutiques, and even thrift shops. 

Mix up your wardrobe to obscure the source of inspiration.

Pick a Distinctive Accessory.

Numerous fashion icons are easily recognized because to a distinctive accessory. Jackie Kennedy Onassis, for instance, could be recognized by her distinctive gloves. Consider something that would go nicely with your sense of fashion. Big sunglasses, a bow, or a distinctive jewelry are all options.
You could decide to make your distinctive item a pair of odd socks.

Choose a Distinct Hairstyle.

Although it’s not required, many fashion superstars have a distinctive haircut that they’ve maintained over the years. 

Some examples include Betsey Johnson, Anna Wintour, and Susy Menkes. 

Your signature hairstyle can be quite long, shaved off, or bright pink.


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