Different Fashion Categories

Fashion Categories

Fashion Categories

Market Research

Developing and understanding of your target markets, get markets competition and fashion trend


Evolving Developing identity identity for products in a competitive market. Fashion brand may be based on an abstract brand name or the name of a fashion designer Branding largely a process of success of building brand recognition and brand image with promotion

Media marketing

Media marketing decoration and publication of promotional media such as a Fashion Magazines

Public Relation

Public relationship with the media and your external stakeholders in Fashion


Distribution is the process of getting your product in front of customers and delivering your product or obligation to them much as returns.


Pricing the process of setting prices for example a log 0 brand that restricts supply and sales premium prices or if fast fashion retailer who implements price discrimination with coupons

Integrating Marketing

Integrating marketing the process of aligning activities in different areas such as issue I see that’s requires coordination of promotion much and die in prison and distribution

Categories of Fashion

  • Basic fashion (e.g. t-shirts, socks)
  • Fast fashion
  • Value brands / retail
  • Premium
  • Designer
  • Luxury
  • Couture

Categories of Luxury

  • Pre Luxury
  • Aspirational
  • Up Market
  • Runway
  • Coutoure
  • Haute Coutoure
  • Haute Coutoure Avant Garde

Categories of Styles

  • Sleepwear
  • Sportswear
  • Casual
  • Business
  • Formal
  • Outerwear
  • Party
  • Blacktie

What are premium fashion brands?

A premium brand is a brand that markets and sells its products to customers at higher price levels in exchange for a higher quality or better experience. It seeks to have customers that are normally shopping at value brands upgrade to the premium version and staying loyal to it, due to the higher value for money.

Here are some brands list:

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