Fashion and Style


Expressing one’s self involves using any kind of art to communicate one’s feelings, thoughts, or ideas. Writing, music, dance or art as an example. Fashion is a fusion of one’s individual expression and social conventions. It is one of the most direct ways that a person can convey their visual selves, identities, and daily lives.

Basic characteristics like color or shape, as well as composite elements, are highlighted in the conveying of a dress’s message. As a result, a businessman’s tie color one of a garment’s most noticeable qualities is more significant than the rest of his outfit, including his shirt, shoes, and jacket.

Though it is sometimes assumed that fashion just refers to apparel, in reality, its impact extends much beyond that. Simply observing someone’s clothing might lead to a number of additional instant conclusions about them, such as their region of origin, type of employment, and financial standing. Therefore, fashion is about self-expression, identity, and, as previously stated, is the most controversial social reality. The first thing to do is understand the colors that best suits you.


Your choice of colors will also affect how you look because different hues work better on different skin tones. Yes, your subtleties play a part, but your mood is more important. Finding colors that complement your aura (and tones) will help you choose better clothing that fits your personality because colors reflect various energy.


Who We Are Is Reflected in Our Fashion style

The first thing you notice when you see someone you don’t know approaching is what they are wearing. On a busy day, we pass hundreds of strangers and can infer a little bit about them by the way they are dressed.

 In addition to the fact that we are occasionally mistaken, we also read what they want us to read. We utilize clothing as a means of self-expression. With this tool, you have complete freedom. We no longer dress in the same manner as we formerly did.

Fashion reflects the way we are

Growing up as a teenager, you either knew someone who used to wear primarily black and navy blue clothing, or you were that person yourself. The institution you attend, the job you hold, and the company you associate with have a lot to do with the decisions you make because of the influence they have on you as you mature.

 As we get older, we start to explore fabrics that are more vibrant and floral. There’s no doubt that none of us are the same individuals as we were as teenagers, yet back then, we wanted people to understand how we felt.

Fashion Enhances Our Mood

In addition to allowing us to express who we are, fashion also serves as a means of self-expression through enhancing our self-esteem. Yes, you could have enjoyed wearing black at one point in your life. Nowadays, wearing clothing that reveals your playful side probably makes you feel wonderful.

A stylish appearance can boost your self-esteem and elevate your disposition. When we feel good, we may believe that we are dressing nicely, but when we are dressed well, we also feel good about ourselves.

Every style is individually unique

The great thing about fashion is that it allows for individuality in clothing choices. You can’t dress head to toe in the same thing, and even if you do, it won’t look the same on you as it does on someone else. No two persons can create the same song more than once, much like with other types of art like music or artwork.

We frequently imitate other people’s fashion choices because it is regarded as an inspiration. You can be inspired by someone’s clothing, but that doesn’t mean you should dress similarly to them. And I believe we can all recognize the difference between being inspired and copying. The fundamental idea is that you can only be who you are when you are dressed how you are.


Fashion does not only influences how we dress, but also the reasons behind our choices in clothing. Every outfit has a backstory. In light of this, it is okay if your style varies occasionally because it’s normal for you to go through changes.

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