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Fashion shows are fantastic for fundraising, community events, and promoting local designers and companies. A basic concept, a well-coordinated team, and a well-designed program make a good fashion show. Plan your show’s theme, date, location, music, and decorations. You’ll also need designers, models, hair and makeup stylists, show planners, and lighting and sound professionals. Your plan needs everyone’s help. You must also plan the highlighted designers, model and style sequence, music, and lighting.

First Session | Planning a Fashion Show

The Theme

Fashion shows have a theme.
Fall, beach, lingerie, or costumes might be a theme.
The theme could be a color or fabric.
Theme-appropriate music, lighting, and decorations are needed.
If the fashion show is a fundraiser, choose a cause-related theme.
If you’re doing a fashion show to benefit breast cancer, you might feature pink.


If you’re planning a charity fashion show, try to keep costs modest.
See what donations will net you. These funding can subsidize a fashion show.
Price tickets. These are the main ways to raise money for charity.
Tickets should cover show costs plus a profit or donation target.
Local designers and professionals may volunteer to help offset costs.

Choose a location.

You’ll need lots of seating, a runway, lights, and speakers.
Schools and event centers are typical venues for local fashion shows.
Remember, a successful fashion presentation requires rehearsal.
Arrange rehearsals with your venue.
Make sure models have a private location to get ready.

Date and time.

This depends on your venue.
Daytime or evening?
Fashion displays last 30 to 60 minutes.
Your theme and audience will determine the length.
If your theme is beachwear, hold your exhibition during the day.
If your theme is eveningwear, choose an evening show.
If you have an evening show, give DJ or band entertainment.

Consider lighting and music.

Theme and venue determine them.
You can use a venue’s lighting system.
Theme-appropriate music is essential. A beachwear exhibition should include pleasant, lively music.
Theme aside, catwalk music should have a good beat.

Second Session | STAFFING

Find a producer or stage manager.

The showrunner knows just what to do.
This person will face all big problems.
This individual will oversee work completion.
This person must be organized and social.
The show will run easily if he gets along with the stylists, designers, and models.
She should help backstage whenever needed.
You may ask a local event planner or producer to volunteer for a charity fashion event.
If you’re hosting a charity event, a fundraiser should do this.

Local stores and designers.

Your team should include designers and local fashion businesspeople for garments.
Clothing, shoes, and accessories are needed.
Request clothes donations or loans from designers and retailers.
Give program designers an ad and credit. This will boost business.
Invite them onstage at show’s finish. Involve and recognize them.
Some designers seek to suit models backstage. Any designer participation will improve the show.

Showcase models.

Professional models or volunteers.
Hold an open casting call or contact local modeling agencies for professional models.
Recruit volunteers on social media and in local papers.
Diverse ethnicities, body kinds, and shapes are desirable.
Depending on your theme, feature male and female models.

Makeup artists should be hired.

It’s a creatively vital function.
A model’s style isn’t just her clothes. Makeup and hairstyle create a “look.”
Creative role. You must work with them to match their styles to the show’s theme.
Save money by hiring student hairdressers from nearby trade schools. This will help them practice and save money.
A principal stylist should fine-tune all hair and makeup styles.

Stage and lighting crews.

These folks will set up and run the lighting.
These people can also set up show decorations.
Ensure this team can lift heavy objects and swiftly change sets.
This staff may run the music and sound system if you don’t have a band or DJ.

Third Session | Running the Fashion Show

Prepare the runway, stage, and venue.

Before the show, do this for rehearsals.
Make sure backstage and change areas aren’t visible.
Arrange audience seating so all can see the runway.
VIPs and significant guests should be seated first.

Plan carefully.

Order the models.
This depends on the order of the runway looks.
Music and lighting should match each model’s look.
Make sure each model and style gets ample runway time.
Plan to have each model walk the runway once individually, then together at the end.

Rehearse often.

This assists the backstage manager/producer, models, stylists, and technical staff.
Humans are fallible. A model may walk backwards.
Rehearsals are important. Your crew can sort out any issues before the show.
You should try at least one full-makeup dress rehearsal. This will show if the looks are polished and on theme.

Showday venue check.

Check the music, lighting, electricity, and styling equipment.
Make sure all clothes, styling tools, seats, and materials are in place.
Collect tickets, purchases, and donations.

Showcase fashion.

Start early.
Timeliness is something attendees will remember.
Before the runway, check each model’s look.
Set up photographers to capture shots during the show.
Enjoy! Fashion displays are fun and creative.


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