Everybody occasionally has bad hair days. Everybody has experienced having a cowlick that just won’t go away, waves or curls that become frizzy the moment we step outside, split ends poking out of braids, or dull-looking strands. Locks that don’t look their finest don’t exactly give us more confidence, but the issue normally goes away the next day.

But what if you start experiencing poor hair days every day? You might want to start looking closely at your hair care routine if it appears that no matter what you do, you just can’t get your hair to look shiny and gorgeous. The health of your hair may be suffering from anything as simple as using the wrong brush for your hair type or harming your hair with heat when you blow dry. They’re simple errors to make, yet they can damage your hair for a very long time.

Therefore, think carefully about how you’re treating your hair and what you can do to improve it before you give up completely and commit yourself to a lifetime of terrible hair days. Here are some of the most typical hair care errors to avoid, along with the recommended alternatives.

Not washing your frequently

Just as harmful as overly frequent shampooing is infrequent washing. Additionally, many women are beginning to have consistently unclean hair due to the growth of the “no-poo” movement, in which people completely wean themselves off shampoo.

Unwashed hair not only has a poor appearance but can also seriously harm the scalp. Sebum, a waxy material produced by skin glands, is removed by shampoo’s detergents. When sebum is in good health, it protects the hair shaft and makes your strands appear lustrous. However, a build-up makes the hair cling together and appear oily. Sebum also resists water, making removal difficult if you wait too long.

Do you believe you may have skipped a day or two too many without using shampoo? Don’t worry; using a powerful shampoo with scalp treatment will help to remove the extra sebum and restore the health of your hair. Scrub it in with your fingers, and then give it a good rinse.

Using products that chemically aggressive

Do you purchase shampoo and conditioner in the cheapest bottles at the hair salon? While there is nothing wrong with trying to save a few dollars, many of these incredibly cheap hair care products (and even some of their more costly counterparts) are packed with harsh chemicals that can harm your hair.

There are a few ingredients to watch out for, albeit not all ingredients with long names are harmful for your hair especially sulfates. These are substances that clean your hair incredibly well. But since they are so skilled at what they do, they frequently deplete your hair’s natural oils in the process. To keep your hair clean and lovely, look for bottles that state “sulfate-free” and stay away from common sulfate chemicals like sodium lauryl sulfate.

The use of an overheated blow dryer

Most individuals utilize the hottest, most potent setting since they don’t like to use a loud blow dryer for an extended amount of time. But that’s a big no-no in terms of hair care. Why? In fact, it can make your hair burn! Even if you’re pressed for time, “fried drying” is not a quick style solution.

Numerous power and heat settings are available on the latest hair dryers. When you go to dry your hair always use the lowest setting. Despite the extended drying time, your hair will look much smoother and stay healthier. When your blowout is nearly finished, use the cool setting to seal in your look.

Avoid brushing your hair too much

There must be others like me who watched princess movies as children where it was implied that you needed to brush your hair 100 times. While it’s possible that this was enough to persuade you to brush your hair till your arms gave out, it’s not actually the case. To untangle and style your hair, you only need a few strokes; any more can result in unneeded friction and breakage.

Using a comb on wet hair

When your hair is wet, it is weak and sensitive, and brushing it then will cause unimaginable damage. Additionally, brushing wet hair might result in frizz-central once it has dried! Refrain from combing your hair after washing it; instead, run your hands through it.

Omitting hair masks

You moisturize your face every day and apply your preferred face mask for additional hydration, correct? So why should your hair be any different in that case? While using only a conditioner is OK, using a mask will provide your hair the hydration and nutrients it needs.

The removing of gray hair

If we said we had never pulled a gray strand or two, we’d be lying. But ultimately, it will only make matters worse. Gray hair is unruly and coarse to begin with, and it returns much more unruly and coarse; as a result, the regrown strands have a tendency to stick straight up, making them even more visible. You should leave the grays alone and temporarily cover them with a touch-up color spray, says the expert.


Hair care routines are especially adaptable, just like skin care routines. The things that work for you and your pals may not be at all similar. Regardless of their hair type or preferred method, many people nevertheless commit several very typical hair care blunders. These errors may result in brittle, dry strands that lack gloss and other qualities. We hope that these few tips will inspire you to begin a suitable hair care routine in the interest of having healthy hair.

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