How long should a wedding videographer be hire in Nigeria?

How long should a wedding videographer be hired in Nigeria shopby online mall

How long should a wedding videographer be hired in Nigeria?

Introduction to Videography

The practice of recording moving images into digital, even streaming, media is known as videography. The phrase covers both video production and post-production techniques.

Videographers are either a one-person crew or a small group of persons who work on smaller projects like wedding videography. They have to operate the cameras, take pictures, record sound, and adjust the lighting.

Technology Importance of videography

Studies have shown that videos can give your company a face or a voice and have an astronomically high SEO rankings. For brands, videos aid in conversion. It’s highly effective to use visuals to tell your narrative, so include professional-quality videos in your marketing plan will benefit your company. Access to video professionals is one of the requirements for videography services. A videographer has the tools and know-how necessary to efficiently script, shoot, edit, create, and distribute your video in a way that supports and fits with your marketing objectives. Videography comprises a variety of video types, including brand documentaries, company explainer films, wedding videos, drone videos, and event videos. There are many different sorts of filming situations, plot development and scripting, pre-production and planning, creative post-production, including sound design, and even marketing and distribution.

How long should a wedding videographer be hired in Nigeria?

The length of time you should engage a wedding videographer mostly relies on the specifics of what you want to have captured on your big day. If you only want the wedding ceremony and speeches recorded as part of a basic package, or if you want a little more, you can request to have footage of you and your future husband getting ready in the morning.

Alternatively, you might want a little more and be looking forward to your interviews (with your prospective spouse) as well as some interviews with family and friends that are included in the package. Or perhaps you want to create a wedding film in the form of a real movie that you can watch with your family and enjoy all the special moments. Before the wedding, you must be clear about what you want so that your videographer can make the necessary arrangements.

A videographer is typically hired by 56% of couples to capture their wedding from beginning to end, which could take up to a ten or twelve-hour package. Additionally, 37% of couples choose to have their wedding ceremony plus a portion of their reception filmed, which equates to an eight or ten-hour package. And finally, 7% of married couples merely hire a videographer for the ceremony, which can range from a 4 to 8-hour package, depending on the services the videographer provides. As a result, you are also aware of the duration of the ceremonies you intend to cover. So, you may schedule your videographer.


The length of the videographer’s contract, the type of film we will receive from the reel, the number of videographers on the team, and other factors need to be considered when discussing the price of the wedding video. Most video production or cinematography businesses offer two videos to capture your big day, and most of the time both of them will be handled by the same videographer. For instance, a fixed camera will be used to record the ceremony, while a roving videographer will capture additional images throughout the day.

You are extremely fortunate if you have a budget set out for a wedding videographer and are intending to hire one. The cost of the wedding videographer typically varies on the area, particularly where you live. As a result, you should budget between NGN 300,000 and NGN 700,000 for an excellent and an amazing cameraman, respectively. However, the typical fee for a videographer is NGN 1,000,000.

A Lagos cameraman, for instance, should cost you about NGN 4000,000 if you reside in Lagos. A competent videographer might cost you roughly NGN 800,000 in the Abuja at the same time. The usual cost of the videographer may also vary slightly according on the state in which you live and the accessibility of vendors there. The majority of couples search for affordable wedding videography packages, with the typical price falling between NGN 400,000 and NGN 600,000 for a well-liked package.

Knowing how much a wedding videographer typically costs can help you determine how long you should retain them for your wedding.


Knowing the various services of videography that can be rendered in Nigeria and their worth also is very important because, a lot of people want to go into videography because it is the order of the day now on social media. It is also wise to know the various areas of services in which one can make lots of money from. As listed and explained in this article, you can now know your core area of service. ShopBy Online Mall got you covered if you need the best of videography with a touch of professionality for your events when ever you need one.

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