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Cross-dressing is the practice of erasing sex boundaries aesthetically by wearing garments more commonly associated with one sex. One gender has the option of dressing as the other’s opposite sex. People who love cross-dressing on occasion or who choose to assume the other gender’s identity may do this. Also, it can come in handy for people like actresses who are sometimes required to play roles that require them to portray the opposite sex. While this page cannot tell you how to cross-dress, it can help you navigate the complex process of expressing a different gender through the clothes you wear.

Find someone to emulate.

Choosing a feminine body type to resemble is crucial for a successful transition from male to female. Women can vary in the prominence of their feminine curves, yet every woman has them. It’s safe to say that a little gymnast and a voluptuous babe look nothing alike, and that a tiny little old lady and a voluptuous babe look even more dissimilar still. 
It’s less of a stretch to find a female role model to aspire to when you two share a similar body shape.

Marilyn Monroe is a great example of an hourglass-shaped woman because she was of average height and weight.

Casting for Game of Thrones should seek out an actress with a more muscular physique to play Brienne of Tarth.

Perhaps precision isn’t necessary. For a humorous effect, you can dress in complete contrast to the norm. To illustrate, imagine a really muscular man dressed as a fairy.

Sculpt your face.

You can tell a lot about a person’s gender just by looking at their face, and there are clear physical distinctions between the sexes. Shaving closely will help you look like you have more defined cheekbones and a smaller chin.

Women of all eras have known that using the appropriate contouring makeup can completely transform their appearance. Using optical illusions, you can make your features look bigger or smaller, or you can highlight features that are usually associated with one sex or the other.
You can use contour powder and highlighter to get a more feminine facial structure, including higher cheekbones, larger eyes, smaller noses, and fuller lips. 
To make yourself look more feminine, put on some cosmetics to hide or alter your features. Applying fake eyelashes, mascara, blush, eyeshadow, eyeliner, and lipstick will give you the perfect girly look.

Highlight your bust.

Our cultural obsession with breasts and femininity has spawned a wide range of businesses, from the fashion industry to the plastic surgery industry to the publishing world. In terms of convincing cross-dressing, this will get you where you need to be, both physically and psychologically
One strategy for doing so is to buy a bra and stuff it with a combination of tissue paper and socks. This is a great option if you prefer to avoid displaying any skin in the chest area. A breast form is a prosthesis worn inside a bra or connected to the body that can give you cleavage and a more natural appearance in terms of weight, sensation, and movement. 
Make your breasts the same size as your body, or perhaps slightly smaller, if you want a more natural appearance. Exaggerated bust lines are unnatural and should be avoided.

Take in the midsection.

A feminine silhouette is achieved by emphasizing the difference between the waist and hips. While some fashions (like flapper dresses) play down the waist, doing the opposite might have the opposite impact. 
You can get a more hourglass shape by wearing waist-cinching underwear or a corset. Padded underwear or silicone buttpads are two more options for enhancing your badonkadonk.

Men, please tuck and tape.

A pair of pantyhose and some tape (medical tape, not duct tape—please, for your own sake!) can make your package vanish faster than a fly-by-night delivery service, but you can also do this easily and cheaply with costly undergarments.

Tidy up your hair.

Wigs allow you to temporarily adopt the appearance of the other sex while you experiment with different cuts, colors, and styles to find a style that works for you. To select a hairstyle that complements your new appearance, research famous people online.

Do your best to fit the part.

It’s important to find clothes that fit your body type. Don’t go out and buy a dress unless you know for sure it will accommodate your new bust size. Take stock of your situation by measuring your requirements.

The tape is held tightly under the arms and above the bra cups as a measurement of your chest.

Across the largest section of your bra cups, measure your bust size. You don’t want to unnaturally squash the tape, so be careful not to pull too hard.

Take your measurement at the smallest area of your waist, which should be right over the small of your back. 
Your hip size is determined by the widest point between your buttocks and hips. 
When determining your dress size, it is recommended that you use the largest of the given measurements.

Focus on accuracy rather than speed.

What makes a man a man and a woman a woman is not limited to the clothes they wear or the cosmetics they use. Numerous little distinctions serve as warning signs that you are actually a cross-dresser. You can ignore these suggestions if you want to go for the stereotypical “cross-dresser” look. Read on if you’re serious about achieving a convincing female appearance. 
Exposed hair: sex differences in body hair exposure between men and women. Waxing, putting on pantyhose, or shavingIn addition, well-shaped eyebrows are essential for a convincing appearance. You should also be concerned about the fact that it will be one of your more prominent characteristics when you are not cross-dressed. 
Nails: a glaringly obvious, yet frequently disregarded, feature. A manicure is recommended in order to get the desired appearance, a manicure is recommended.
Belts, necklaces, and earrings are all considered feminine adornments. Stick to the women’s sections if you’re looking for a new belt or scarf.

Take the right tack.

You might be cross-dressing because you think it looks cool. If that’s the case, the advice that follows might not help you very much. But having the correct act down is crucial if you want to pull off the whole gender illusion. 
Foster the growth of a distinctive character. While men and women exhibit similar patterns of behavior, some are more prevalent in females. Women are taught, for instance, to be less assertive. In addition, they are given more leeway than men do to show their feelings. 
When ordering at a restaurant, a woman is more likely to say, “I would like a salad, please,” rather than “I want the salad.” 
The majority of women are more expressive than men. Men aren’t encouraged to show how they feel, while women are more likely to do so.
Modify your tone. Increasing your voice’s pitch is the first step in projecting a more feminine tone. Using language linked with more equitable sex is also crucial. Keep in mind that a falsetto voice won’t fool anyone for very long. You should practice speaking more like a woman by using a higher pitch and more dynamic loudness than you do when speaking as a man. 
Put your words into action. Cultural norms typically dictate how men and women should walk. How you walk is something you’ve practiced since you were a young boy, and now it’s second nature to you. Women should practice walking in a feminine manner, which places more emphasis on grace than strength. Men are expected to shift gears. 
Get used to walking on high heels. Tottering around in heels is the surest way to seem unfeminine. High heels are great for teaching balance, a smaller stride, walking gently, and a more feminine gait, even if you never plan to wear them in public. Stair practice is extremely important. To master heels completely, one must be able to not only walk, but also dance, in them. 
Try walking more quickly and actively using your arms, as these are characteristics of good female walkers. The arms are pliable, not rigid. 
Hips don’t lie, as the song goes, so sway them softly but not to the point of overstatement. 
Take care to move slowly and gently. In contrast to women, men are free to pound the floor and clomp down the corridor. Walking more gracefully and with greater care is something that girls and women learn. Carry a skirt up and down the stairs while keeping in mind that a woman’s knees cannot be brought very far together.

Identify a person you can look up to.

Get some inspiration from the standard types of men. Utilizing archetypes will provide guidance in dress, motion, attitude, and swagger. 
Pick dudes who look roughly the same as you do so that the transition goes more smoothly.

Pull your breasts into your shirt.

Having breasts will give you away as a woman, even if you try to pass as a man. Undercover work is required if they wish to convince anyone.

One common method of accomplishing this is by using shape-flattering undergarments. A control top fashioned from a pair of cut-up pantyhose or a sports bra that is two sizes too small will help you appear slimmer and smoother.

Reduce the roundedness.

For the most part, males have narrower hips and torsos than females. The idea is that the padded shoulders and narrower waist will draw attention away from the hips.

Looser clothing can help minimize the appearance of curves. 
Bodybuilding in the gym can make you look more masculine by strengthening your underlying muscles. Increase your body’s perceived “bulk” by working on your chest, arms, and legs. 
You can create the illusion of padding at the waist by using extra clothing. In addition, prosthetic aids can be purchased. You don’t need much to make your hips look narrower.

You should contour your face.

Men and women differ mostly in the size and shape of their jawlines and foreheads, with women often having smaller, more round faces and smaller noses. Makeup can be used to disguise a masculine face, but authenticity comes from within, not externals. 
Men’s facial features often include thinner lips, a larger nose, thicker eyebrows, lower cheekbones, and a stronger jawline. Use contouring powder to create the illusion of stronger features. Don’t apply any more color to your face using cosmetics. You can drastically alter your appearance by growing facial hair, but beware: it won’t hold up to inspection. If you want to appear more credible, you should get a decent mustache or goatee. It’s not uncommon for males to be able to grow facial hair, even if they don’t have much to begin with. Simply avoid making it look like an overgrown shrub, as it would be unnatural. 
Create the best possible bundle. Think of a roll of quarters, and you’ll have a good idea of the standard size, though you’ll need to make adjustments based on your individual body type. A roll of quarters might provide the necessary measurements, but you’ll always seem like you’re ready to fight. Think about using a sock to stuff it or getting a prosthetic penis. Putting on a wool sock could lead to a classic male signal: scratching the itch.

Get your hair cut.

Today, short hairstyles are accepted for people of all genders, and in areas where cross-dressing is accepted, this is not a problem at all. 
For whatever reason, a short-haired wig is your best bet if you’re set on keeping your hair.

Do your best to fit the part.

You can hide your feminine figure in men’s pants. As an added bonus, if you loosen it up in the butt area, no one will be able to identify you from behind. In most cases, you’ll feel more comfortable in clothes that are a little looser on you. Make sure the garments are cut for a man’s shape, and then use cushioning and minimizing to get the proper look if you want to appear more refined and tailored.

Focus on accuracy rather than speed.

Although initial impressions are crucial, it is in the fine tuning of the details that you will succeed in making a lasting impression. 
Exposed hair on the body Relax and let your hair grow out naturally, especially on your legs and beneath your arms. Men don’t shave there, with a few notable exceptions like Olympic swimmers and professional bikers. 
Nail care This is a simple point that is often neglected. A manicure is recommended in order to get the desired appearance. Keep your fingernails short and neat so that just a bit of white shows. If you trim too close to the quick, you’ll end up looking like a nervous wreck. 
Many men do wear jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, but the vast majority of males do not. Since you don’t want to be mistaken for a lady, you should steer clear of feminine trappings. If you’re going that route, get your jewelry from the men’s department.


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