How To Do Effective Make-Up For Wedding Bride

How To Do Effective Make-Up For Wedding Bride

Planning beforehand is necessary to keep your makeup from fading in the sun but bridal beauty makeup doesn’t have to be dull. For the finest advice on how to make your wedding makeup endure during a hot season, we spoke with Araceli Ledesma, a licensed hairstylist and makeup artist.

Schedule A Test In Beauty Services

You should schedule a test after you’ve chosen your wedding’s hair and makeup artists to ensure that you and they are in agreement on the bridal beauty look. This will guarantee that you achieve the desired look and give you an opportunity to see how long it lasts. After getting your trial hair and makeup done, test it out for at least a few hours.

To know what your look would be, it is imperative to have your makeup professionally applied before the wedding. Doing this enables you to examine your makeup artist’s work and test how your makeup would wear during your special day.

Pair Tan with Tan

Make sure you have the same tan for the trial if you intend to tan on your wedding day, advises Ledesma. This enables your makeup artist to accurately match your skin tone, preventing mistakes or possibly using the wrong match on the big day.

Implement a matte-primer.

After applying your face moisturizer and before applying your foundation, you should use a mattifying primer to reduce shine. Your skin and the foundation are separated from sweat and oils by a mattifying primer, which creates a barrier between them. Additionally, it may aid in keeping cosmetics in place and lengthen its shelf life.

Avoid Too Much

“Feel free to wear the same quantity of makeup on your wedding day if you often wear a lot,” advises Ledesma. “But if you don’t usually wear much makeup, don’t feel obligated to go overboard. Stay true to who you are.”

You want to feel confident in your own skin and to present the best possible version of yourself on your wedding day. The amount of makeup you feel comfortable wearing on your wedding day should be discussed with your makeup artist.

Eyelashes Very Important

Individual false lashes are an alternative to explore if strip lashes intimidate you. They resemble real eyelashes so much more than a whole strip of artificial ones. They are also simpler to apply.

“Adding false lashes to your wedding day makeup look will make a huge difference, especially in images, even if you don’t use makeup every day. Pick a set of lashes that adds volume and length naturally.

With sunscreen, stay away from foundations.

Check to see if sunscreen is present in your foundation. Some sunscreens contain the chemicals zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, which can give photographs a flashback effect.

Apply the Foundation Around Your Neck also

Especially in days with a very hot temperature when you are more rigorous about applying sunscreen to your face than your body, your face and neck are frequently two completely different hues. To create an even tone throughout, apply the foundation all the way down to the neck.

Bronzer Can Improve Your Glow

A little bronzer makes everyone appear nicer, especially in the summer. 

Apply bronzer on the high parts of your face, such as your cheekbones, chin, nose, and across your forehead, where the sun would naturally shine, for a natural appearance.

Use water-resistant items

“Make sure your lovely makeup stays in place by using waterproof, long-lasting cosmetics. Eyeliners are smudge-proof, water-resistant, fade-proof, and long-lasting. 

You shouldn’t feel bad if you need to cry.”


Among the most significant and underutilized beauty advice? water in large quantities. Because your skin is between 70 and 75 percent water, it will also suffer from dehydration. “Inside the weeks preceding your wedding, make sure to moisturize your skin and drink plenty of water.”

Utilize setting spray.

“During the major event Spray for setting is essential! To ensure that your makeup remains in place during the festivities on your wedding day, set it using a superior setting spray.”

Applying a cosmetic setting spray, such as Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray, is the last step in making your makeup last all day and night. This secures your appearance and eliminates any cakey or powdery effects.

Get ready to always re-polish your Make-up.

Be ready for the humidity of the weather that day and be prepared also to always polish up your makeup at intervals during a hot seasons weddings,

Even the best makeup artists can only delay the inevitable for a finite amount of time because makeup isn’t supposed to remain forever. Your lipstick will fade while you speak, kiss, or eat. Invest in a long-lasting lipstick or keep some on hand so you may touch up as necessary. You either have to accept it or be ready to touch it up after the ceremony and throughout the reception because your makeup will start to move around and gradually fade over time.

Carry a Touch-Up Kit with you

Setting powder, lipstick, Kleenex, bobby pins, and safety pins should be carried by a family member or bridesmaid in case you need to polish up. You simply never know when you’ll require them!”

When applying powder, blot first.

Never put powder on top of oil because this might make your makeup look cakey. Prior to removing the shine, remove the oil from the skin’s top layer. Before using a translucent setting powder, blot the oil with blotting papers.

Finally Ensure your Face is set before going out

It is very important to keep looking at your face on the mirror to ensure your face is set and really glowing, for you to start moving with it. many people most especially brides are fund of having their make-up worn wrongly as a result of not paying close attention to the mirror while their make-up is being made by the make-up artist and so also not having much time to stay for the make-up to be achieved beautifully. it is advised that make-up should be done always on time before the wedding event.

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