How to dress to look slimmer

How to dress slim ShopBy Nigeria

How to dress slim ShopBy Nigeria

Some Clear Fact

You may appear larger if your clothing is too loud. The best fabric for a slimming look is one with less patterns and designs, but if you must have prints, use smaller ones or avoid them on body parts that are problem areas.

The use of color and Scarf

Select the same color fabric for the body’s upper and bottom halves. Colors that differ will divide the body and make it appear stocky and large.

You may appear larger if your clothing is too loud. The best fabric for a slimming look is one with less patterns and designs, but if you must have prints, use smaller ones or avoid them on body parts that are problem areas.

A printed scarf or shawl draped down the body can add a nice contrast, especially when paired with a dress that is only one color. The long scarf you wear around your neck will detract attention from your physique and offer the appearance of length.

Pay attention to your sewing

When making your garments, pick chiffon or other fluttery, drapey fabrics. Soft cotton that is lightweight is also excellent. Fabrics that skim over your prominent regions will conceal them, especially if you are on the heavier side. Just make sure the fabric is not tight. A thin knit fabric, for instance, will cling in all the wrong areas, highlighting the defects.

In order to give yourself a slimmer and taller appearance, wear straight-lined skirts, slacks, trousers, and jeans.

The ideal neckline for slimming is a v-neck; it gives us the thinner, longer look we want, but if you have large breasts, be careful of plunging v-necks that are too deep. Sweetheart necklines also appeal to me. If you are top heavy, it is preferable to stay away from high necklines like polo necks (unless you wear them with long thin necklaces). A hip-heavy physique can benefit from a scoop neck.

Cape sleeves and Puffed

Avoid cape sleeves and puffed sleeves since both will make your arms appear larger than they are. Raglan sleeves and long straight sleeves might help you look slimmer.
Never choose sleeves that stop near your bust line if you want to draw attention away from a large bust; the same goes for the waist and the stomach. The eyes will naturally be pulled to your stomach if you have a bulging belly button and your sleeve ends are close to it. Long bell sleeves may look well on a lady with a large breast and a slim waist, but not on someone with a large waist; pear-shaped figures appear best in short sleeves that terminate just below the bust.

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Cloth with round pocket

Avoid wearing clothing with rounded pockets or collars.
Don’t wear textured clothing. Light to medium weight clothing is best because it will make you appear slimmer; Although they appear wonderful, heavily textured fabrics (such embossed velvet or cut work) are not particularly slimming.

Make sure the undergarments you wear are well-fitting; rolls above the panty line and breasts that protrude near armholes can give the appearance of being overweight. Choose a bra that suits you to avoid looking sloppy because underwire bras provide superb support for sagging breasts. You will appear slimmer with an upright-looking bra, but be careful that it is not pulled unnaturally up.

Dark Color

Dark colors are slimming and light colors make you look fatter, but it doesn’t mean you should stick to wearing only blacks, browns, and navy blues; there are more interesting dark colors like emerald green, maroon, and indigo blue (Denim).

Choose dark colors to cover troublesome regions of your body, or overlay different hues of the same color to add interest to a monochromatic design.

If you want to appear thinner, stay away from glossy fabrics. Shiny clothing draws attention to the issue. It is preferable to wear finely textured, matte clothing to appear thinner.

Select vertical lines in the fabric’s patterns; they will lengthen your body and give you a leaner appearance. As in the image, stay away from horizontal lines like the breton stripes.

A vertical line across your dress will be created by the princess line. You will look longer as a result.

When you don’t want them, muffin tops (low-waisted pants/jeans) might generate bulges. 

The Pants

The finest pants are those with a high waist because they lengthen the body and keep excess fat in place.

Avoid empire lines if you have big breasts since they might make the area around the bust look even fuller. Also stay away from cropped shirts. Select dresses with bias-cut hems. 

When fabric is cut on the bias, it skims over your body and makes it appear thinner.

Choose pants with side zippers or fly closures; avoid those with excessive pockets or front pleats.

Decide on the appropriate length for your pants, trousers, or jeans. 

When you are wearing shoes, the ideal trouser length is 2 cm from the floor. 

Keep in mind that washing causes pants to shrink. 

Wait until after the first wash before you adjust a pair of too-long pants because doing so could result in too-short pants, which would make you look stocky.

Avoid gathering, frills, shirring, and smocking close to trouble spots.

If you have a pear shape, wearing skirts or blouses with light shoulder pads will help you look smaller there.

Make sure there are no additional ornaments or embellishments on the problematic part of your body. Like a sequined appliqued patch on your jeans close to your thighs when you don’t want people to look at that area.
As long as the coat itself is not too voluminous or has too many pockets and other decorations, long coats/jackets (hip length), sleeveless vests, and cardigans can all make you look thinner. Avoid wearing boxy jackets as well. Select a garment that fits somewhat snugly at the waist to help you look better.

Big Clothing

If you have an apple body type, wearing a mirror stitched blouse or other heavily embroidered clothing is certainly not recommended. Instead, use that fabric to construct a purse or a patch that will hang vertically in your dress if you really want it.
Never wear button-down tops that are excessively tight. Button-down shirts with front gaps from being overly tight can appear chubby.
Narrow belts, narrow panels or gores, and narrow standing collars all thin you out and produce slim lines.
You can appear slimmer by wearing a beltless, one-color dress.

Wearing big clothing because you are not skinny is not a good idea. These formless garments may give you an enormous, slouchy appearance.
Wear a belt to give your outfit some structure if it’s really loose; otherwise, you’ll seem floppy and run-down. Your figure will be defined by a belt.

Your only hope may be a body slimmer or shape wear, which are designed to help you seem attractive and compact in your clothing while concealing all of your imperfections. Visit a lingerie store and pick the perfect bra for you. You’ll regret not wearing this sooner.
Add the correct lengthening accessories to your outfits, such as high heels, long necklaces, earrings, and bracelets.

Tight Cloth

Avoid shirts and skirts that are excessively tight. The resulting bulges are really harsh. The bulge will be the first thing the audience notices about you before anything else. Be harsh while eliminating them from your closet since if they are there, you will want to wear them and might feel guilty or unhappy about your current situation.


It is very important to know and understand how to combine color schemes for fashion apparel either light color or dark color with horizontal/vertical pattern because it is of essence spice up your look and as well as create that advantage for your fashion

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