How to expand the size of your shoes

How to expand your shoes ShopBy

How to expand your shoes ShopBy

Shoes are a crucial and necessary piece of apparel item. They facilitate movement and may be the ideal finishing touch for an outstanding combo. You might want to keep your pricey shoes looking new for longer if they are expensive. It may be challenging to keep your shoes looking brand new if you wear them frequently. Thankfully, there are techniques to look after, safeguard, and increase the lifespan of your shoes. READ MORE on How to Maintain and store Your Shoes

It is worthy of note that regularly walking around in your shoes for about a Month at home is the simplest technique to broaden the size of your shoes. However, there are a few easy fixes you can use if you want to rapidly make your shoes bigger if it is too tight on you. You can use a hairdryer to blow hot air over your shoes, freeze a bag of water inside of them, or use a shoe stretcher. Within a day or two, you can widen your shoes using any of these techniques. READ MORE on Changing the Color of Your Sneaker or Converse with Bleach

Ways through which you can expand your shoes

  • Using a Shoe Stretcher to Stretch Your Shoes
  • Drying Leather and Suede Shoes with a Hairdryer

Using a Shoe Stretcher to Stretch Your Shoes

Some stretchers can extend a shoe’s width in addition to length. These are referred to as two-way stretchers, and they function by lifting the toe box of the shoe and the section of the shoe that rests on top of your foot with a vamp or instep stretcher and a toe stretcher, respectively. And that’s not the end of it.

Before putting the toe block into your shoe, Resize the width

The handle on the majority of shoe stretchers is turned counterclockwise to narrow the stretcher. You should also modify the heel block to be as close to the toe block as you can if you have a two-way stretcher (a shoe stretcher that may make your shoe wider and longer).

Shoe stretcher models differ, therefore before using your particular model for the first time, read the owner’s instructions.
As long as the shoe stretcher you use is narrow enough to fit inside the shoe, it should work for any type of shoe. Shoe stretchers work best for leather shoes, flats, and oxfords.

The stretcher should go inside your shoe.

Ensure that you have your shoe stretcher set to the smallest size. Once inside your shoe, insert the shoe stretcher as far as it will go.
Try a different shoe stretcher or one of the other techniques above if the one you have is too wide.

To make your shoe wider, turn the widening handle.

When you begin to experience resistance, turn the widening handle. Give it three more turns after that.
To broaden the toe block on the majority of shoe stretcher models, turn the widening handle in a clockwise direction.
Read the instructions that came with your particular model as other shoe stretchers may perform differently.

Before removing the shoe stretcher, leave it in your shoe for around Eight hours.

Close the toe block by rotating the widening handle counterclockwise to remove the shoe stretcher. Slide the stretcher out slowly and carefully until it starts to feel loose in the shoe.
The stretch might not be permanent if the shoe stretcher is removed before the recommended eight-hour interval.
Repeat the stretching procedure for your shoe if it feels tight.

Drying Leather and Suede Shoes with a Hairdryer

An electromechanical device known as a hair dryer, hairdryer, or blow dryer blows ambient or hot air over damp hair to hasten water evaporation and dry the hair. Using Hairdryer is one of the techniques through which you can expand your shoes. Here are some techniques involve in the process.

In about 1 Minute, use a hairdryer to warm the tight area.

Move your foot inside your shoe while blowing hot air onto it. To stretch the material, press your foot firmly on the area you want to enlarge.

After breathing hot air on the region for one minute, if it still feels tight, let it cool before trying again.
To protect your leather shoe, don’t blow hot hair on it for more than one minute at a time. Applying heat continuously for extended periods of time may harm your shoe.

To recover wetness to your leather shoe, use leather conditioner.

Your hairdryer’s hot air will dry out your leather shoes. The leather will be less likely to break if you use a leather conditioner or cream right away after blowing hot air into your shoe. It may also become softer and easier to stretch.
As if you were applying moisturizer to your skin, gently rub the leather conditioner onto your shoe.

Wear on a thick pair of socks and put your shoe on.

To widen a shoe, get the thickest sock you own that will fit inside. If your socks aren’t extremely thick, try donning several more delicate pairs.
Shoes made of leather or suede respond best to this blow-drying technique.

Once it begins to feel loose a bit, try wearing the shoe with a regular sock.

Before removing your shoe, let it cool. After that, remove the thick sock and put on the kind of sock you would typically wear with the shoe on a normal day.
If the shoe still seems too tight, re-lace it while wearing a thick sock, then blow-dry it once more.


It has been spelt out in this article on How to expand the size of your shoes or Sneaker or Converse with hairdryer or shoe stretcher. so do well by following the listed procedures and get a vivid result afterword’s READ MORE on How to Get Odor Out of Shoes

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