How to Maintain and store Your Shoes

How to Maintain your Shoe Shopby

How to Maintain your Shoe Shopby

There is no way to overstate the importance of shoes in fashion. It’s crucial to remember, though, that shoes also act as safety precautions against harm or damage that could be sustained due to an environmental hazard. In this tutorial, let’s briefly go over how to fix our shoes when things go wrong.

A person’s shoes are an essential component of their clothing. They facilitate movement and can add a wonderful finishing touch to an amazing ensemble. If your shoes are pricey, you might wish to maintain their fresh appearance for a longer time. It can be challenging to maintain your shoes looking new when you wear them all the time. Fortunately, there are methods for maintaining, safeguarding, and extending the lifespan of your shoes.

Place newspaper into your shoes.

A less expensive option to a shoe tree is to stuff your shoes with newspaper. Your shoes’ shape will be preserved, moisture will be absorbed, and odors will be reduced if you stuff them with newspaper. For casual or athletic footwear, stuffing your shoes with newspaper works well.

Apply a water repellent spray to your shoes.

Shoes made of leather or suede are further damaged by moisture and humidity. Before stepping outside into the elements, shield them by spraying a coating of water protector over them to protect them from rain or other damp circumstances. Online or at numerous retail shoe outlets, leather protectant spray is available for purchase.

Keep your shoes out of reach of animals and other perils.

Exposing shoes to potentially hazardous settings outside where they can sustain harm is the most hazardous thing you can do to them. To stop people from falling or tripping over shoes, keep them away from the middle of the floor. The aroma of leather shoes may also entice animals like dogs, who may then be tempted to rip the shoes apart. Shoes should be kept high on a shelf in your closet if you have pets who are known to chew on them.

Allow frequently used shoes to breathe.

More moisture and humidity are probably present in your often worn shoes than in your storage shoes. 

Regularly worn shoes should be kept in an airy space to allow the damp leather or fabric to breathe. 

Changing up your daily footwear will also assist them in drying out.

Stay away from tough conditions with your shoes.

Your shoes will deteriorate more quickly if you store them in a hostile environment. Keep your shoes away from harsh sunlight and damp environments. Constant exposure to water can harm your shoes and render them unwearable. In a closet, where they are protected from the elements, grime, and dust, shoes are best kept.

Wash your shoes by hand.

Don’t put your shoes in the washing machine; instead, hand wash them with baking soda or a shoe foam cleanser. By placing strain on the soles and arches, using the machine can deform your shoes and destroy them over time.

Both suede and leather are unique shoe materials that shouldn’t be hand cleaned.
Use a suede brush or suede eraser to clean suede shoes.
Use saddle soap or polish to clean leather shoes.

To store your shoes for a long time

You need keep them in the box. Your shoebox is the best place to store shoes for a longer period of time because it was designed expressly to hold shoes. The shoe is shielded from the threats of sunlight, dust, and extreme temperatures by being stored in the box. To avoid mildew growth when utilizing a plastic shoe box, make sure it is totally dry.
Dress shoes or heels are a couple of examples of shoes you might store in long-term storage.

shine up your leather shoes.

Regularly shining and polishing your pricey leather shoes is necessary to keep them in good shape and appearance. When you see a scratch or scuff, use an old rag or t-shirt to apply leather lotion to the affected area. A shoe’s polishing frequency should correspond to how frequently it is worn.
Generally speaking, shining your shoes once a week will keep them looking brand new.
Using a black magic marker is a quick and affordable way to cover scratches and scrapes on black sneakers.

Invest in a Wooden Shoe Rack

Your shoes will stay dry and fresh-looking for a longer period of time if you use a wooden shoe tree, which also absorbs moisture from your shoes. The likelihood of warping and cracking is reduced since a shoe tree helps the shoe maintain its natural shape. A couple of hours after you’ve finished wearing them, put your shoe tree in them.

Between NGN 5000 and NGN 70000 can be spent on shoe rack
Hardwood shoe rack are available at most large department stores and shoe retailers, and they are perfect for leather or suede shoes.

For sports and exercise, get specialized footwear.

The primary cause of premature wear on sneakers and shoes is intense physical activity. If the cost of purchasing multiple pairs of shoes is a worry for you, you should keep in mind that replacing one pair of worn-out shoes with a new pair can end up costing you more money in the long term. Along with keeping them apart, dress shoes and sneakers should be stored separately.


It has been spelt out in this article Maintaining and storing Your Shoes which is essential for your shoe to last long. so do well by following the listed ways through which you can keep your shoes clean and save your foot. READ MORE on How to Lace-up your shoe

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