Making Shoe Polish at Home

How to Make Shoe Polish Shopby

How to Make Shoe Polish Shopby

Shoes are an essential component of clothing. They facilitate movement and can add a wonderful finishing touch to an amazing ensemble. If your shoes are pricey, you might wish to maintain their fresh appearance for a longer time. It can be challenging to maintain your shoes looking new when you wear them all the time. Fortunately, there are methods for maintaining, safeguarding, and extending the lifespan of your shoes.

Have you ever had a need to polish your shoes but didn’t have any on hand? Be at ease! Your own homemade shoe polish can be made! The best part is that you can precisely regulate the ingredients and know what goes into your tiny container of shoe polish. Look around your home for straightforward materials to polish your shoes with if you don’t have any of the necessary components, such olive oil or a banana peel.

Around your house, look for natural polishes.

Without shoe polish? No issue! There are numerous items that, in a pinch, can serve as shoe polish. Check to see if you have the item by looking at this area. To polish your shoes, you don’t necessarily need to utilize everything in this category.

Apply some organic oil

The ideal oils to use are walnut or olive oil, though you can also experiment with other varieties. 

The best part is that oil also naturally protects your shoes from water! 

With a soft cloth, first apply the oil on your shoes. 

From a few minutes to overnight, let it sit. 

After that, wipe any extra oil away with a fresh cloth.

Avoid using synthetic products on your shoes because they won’t last as long.

For more sparkle, try combining lemon juice and olive oil.

Lemon juice and two parts olive oil should be combined. With a soft cloth, rub the mixture onto your shoes. After letting it sit for a while, polish your shoes with a fresh cloth.
Lemon juice can be used, either bottled or freshly squeezed. Avoid lemonade since it has additional additives.

Use petroleum jelly to buff

Simply take a little and apply it with a soft cloth on your shoes. 

When you’re finished, remove any extra petroleum jelly by wiping.

Utilize the banana peel

This unexpected item not only makes your shoes shine brighter, but it also makes a wonderful snack (or smoothie). After eating a banana, peel it, and use the inner (white) section of the peel to rub your shoes. After that, use a soft cloth to cleanly wipe your shoes.
You don’t want to eat the banana? Put it in the freezer after cutting it into smaller pieces. Use it in a smoothie the next day. Additionally, you can bake it into banana bread.


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