How to Get Odor Out of Shoes

How to remove Odor from Shoes ShopBy

How to remove Odor from Shoes ShopBy

How do shoes factor into the fashion world?

Any seasoned fashionista will tell you that the perfect shoes can make or break any outfit. Neglecting your shoes when putting together a wardrobe might be disastrous. After all, wearing the wrong shoes increases your risk of disappointment.

One important element for ensuring the safety of your employees is shoes. Anyone working on industrial or construction sites runs a high risk of foot injuries due to the likelihood of accidents.

Why do we wear shoes?

Safeguarding from falling things.
Helps to avoid falls and slips.
Helps with posture and guards against muscle tension.
Defense against the elements.
Aids in electric shock protection.

How to Get Odor Out of Shoes

Put on socks

A guaranteed technique to make shoes smell is to remove your socks. Warm feet produce sweat and moisture, which socks absorb. If you frequently experience sweaty feet, this is especially crucial.
Consider a pair of cotton socks to help keep your shoes odor-free. Cotton is a breathable, sweat-absorbing fabric.


Placing a bar of soap inside each shoe and leaving them on for the night is another DIY method for getting rid of sneaker odor. Bacteria and the odor they cause are eliminated by soap. Additionally, because soap is porous, it will absorb the odor and replace it with a fresh, soapy scent.
Before placing your soap bars into the shoes, make sure they are dry because moisture will only promote the growth of bacteria.

Baking Soda

Want to use a homemade solution to deodorize your shoes? Employ baking soda. It serves as a natural deodorizer by absorbing odors and microbes. There are two ways to deodorize shoes with baking soda:

Combine half cup of cornstarch, one quarter cup of baking soda, and one quarter cup of baking powder. Sprinkle the mixture in both shoes or place it in a pair of cotton socks and wear overnight. Add a few drops of your preferred essential oil for an additional smell boost.
Alternatively, if you want to keep things straightforward, simply sprinkle baking soda inside the shoes and let them sit for at least 24 hours.

Examine the insoles.

It’s probably time to get new insoles if you’ve been using the same pair for a while. Insoles are frequently to blame for unpleasant shoe scents. You might just discover that a fresh set of insoles “magically” eliminates that lingering nasty odor.

Aromatic oils

Popular natural deodorizers with antifungal characteristics include tea tree, clove, and cedarwood essential oils. For instance, a research from December 2007 indicated that clove essential oil significantly inhibits bacteria growth on the feet to reduce odor. These oils are a triple threat since they combat bacteria, get rid of odors, and leave behind a pleasant aroma.
Drop a few drops of essential oil into your sneaker and give it a moment to breathe. As an alternative, you can combine essential oils with other natural therapies like vinegar or baking soda.


A quick and simple technique to get rid of scents from shoes is to dry off any extra moisture. 

After a run, leave your shoes in the sun for a few hours to properly dry them out before your next outing.

Vinegar and Spiritz

In shoes, vinegar kills bacteria and eliminates odors. To create a spray bottle, simply combine equal volumes of white vinegar and water. Following use, spray the interiors of the shoes with the solution and let them air dry. Your running shoes will smell better for longer if you do this on them each time you finish a run.
Cleaning your shoes thoroughly on the inside and outside before using the solution will maximize the effect.

Proper Foot Care

You should be particularly cautious when cleaning your feet. Apply soap or a cleansing agent between each toe and all the way across the sole of the foot, and then rinse thoroughly. Here are some additional foot care suggestions to get rid of shoe odor:

Between washings, only wear socks once.
After working out, remove your shoes and socks right away to prevent any unpleasant odors from developing.
Make careful to completely dry your feet after cleaning them. Any dampness that remains on your feet will promote bacterial development.
When possible, remove your shoes and socks to allow your feet to breathe. This will allow any sweat to evaporate without transferring bacteria.


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