How to Fix Shoe Soles

How to Repair shoe sole ShopBy

How to Repair shoe sole ShopBy

The effect of shoes in fashion cannot be over emphasized. However, it important to not that shoes also serve as protective measures against hurt or injury that might incurred as a result of hazard in the environment. lets quickly go through how we can fix up our shoes in cases where it gets bad in this article.

Shoes in the realm of fashion

As any experienced fashionista can tell you, putting on the correct shoes can make or ruin any look. It could be fatal to neglect your shoes when putting together a wardrobe. After all, choosing the wrong pair of sneakers doubles your likelihood of disappointment.

Shoes are one crucial component for guaranteeing the security of your workers. Because accidents are likely, anyone working on industrial or construction sites faces a high risk of foot injury.

How to Fix Shoe Soles

Typically, a shoe’s soles lose its durability first. Luckily, mending the sole of your shoes can sometimes be a simple solution to restore them to like-new condition if the rest of the shoe is still in good condition. You can quickly replace worn-out soles, patch holes, or tighten soles with some shoe adhesive and wear your shoes again in almost less than 48 hours by using a little sandpaper.

Use pliers to remove the outdated sole. 

Use pliers to remove the outdated sole. You will probably need pliers to completely remove the sole from the shoe, even if it is beginning to come away. 

Holding the shoe firmly, pull with pliers on the edge of the sole to separate it from the bottom of the shoe. 

If the sole is difficult to remove, try inserting a butterknife or paint scraper between the sole and the shoe while yanking on the sole with pliers.

In order to make it simpler to remove, you may also warm up the glue holding the sole in place with a heat gun or hair dryer.

The use of Acetone

Acetone can be used to remove any old adhesive. Where the sole of your shoe was attached, there might still be some dried glue traces there. Scrub the bottom of your shoe with a rag dampened with acetone or nail polish remover. The adhesive ought to break down and wash off. Remove any filth or lingering grime from the shoe as well.

Use sandpaper to rough up the new sole and the shoe’s bottom.

Use sandpaper to rough up the new sole and the shoe’s bottom. With glue, rough surfaces adhere better than smooth ones. To make the shoe’s sole and bottom look rougher, use 120-grit sandpaper to scuff up the surfaces.

Utilize a brush or cotton ball to apply shoe sole adhesive to the new sole.

Apply the adhesive according to the directions on the package. Before the object may be positioned, certain adhesives must “cure” for a short while. Some adhesives must be heated to activate them.
Several shoe stores, sporting goods stores, and department stores carry Shoe Goo, a popular and reliable shoe sole glue.

Replace the sole and firmly push it onto the shoe.

Wait as long as the instructions suggest before applying the sole if the glue needs to set before being used. 

Lay the sole on the shoe gradually, starting at the front and making sure the edges are aligned. 

Once it’s in position, apply pressure to make sure it’s firmly attached to the shoe’s bottom.

Filling Holes

Use alcohol and water to disinfect the area around the hole.

To remove any dirt or filth, clean the hole using a rag and warm water and isopropyl alcohol. 

Before continue, allow it to dry for a while.

Use 120-grit sandpaper to give the hole’s edges some texture.

This will facilitate the rubber and glue’s adhesion. 

Sand the hole’s edges using a piece of paper until they appear to have a rougher texture.

Overlap some duct tape on the shoe’s interior above the hole.

Place a piece of duct tape inside the shoe where the hole is after removing the insole. 

Put your finger in the hole, press up to examine where the hole is, then cover that area with duct tape if the hole does not extend all the way into the interior of the shoe.

Use shoe sole adhesive to patch up the hole.

Squeeze the adhesive into the hole gently without touching it with your bare hands. 

Make sure to fill the entire hole; if there is any overflow, that’s okay.

To make the adhesive’s surface more even, use an ice cube.

You may smooth the glue without sticking to it by using an ice cube. Alternatively, you might use a spoon or tongue depressor that has been greased.

Any dried adhesive that oozed out of the hole should be sanded down.

Verify if any dried glue is sticking out of the hole or dripping over the sides. If there is, sand it down with 120-grit paper until the sole’s bottom is smooth.

Before using the shoe again, wait for less than 48 hours.

It usually takes at least a full day for shoe sole adhesives to set. Place your shoe in a cool, dry location where it is safe from being moved or handled.


It has been spelt out in this article How to Repair shoe sole which is essential for your shoe. so do well by following the listed ways through which you can keep your shoes clean and save your foot. READ MORE on How to Lace-up your shoe

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