How to Fix your Air Conditioner yourself if its not cooling.

How to Repair your AC yourself

If your air conditioner is not functioning at all, or is simply blowing uncool air which you are not comfortable with.

You may need to Check your ducts.

Check your ducts to see whether air is coming out of them if you feel comfortable ascending into your attic. They will undoubtedly need to be cleaned if they are sufficiently unclean to obstruct air passage. Frequently, a register may have unintentionally been partially or completely closed. A quick inspection will reveal whether air is moving through the ducts.

You may need to Remove all ice.

Your unit won’t cool effectively if it has frosted up. It is easy to dissolve the ice. To assist the ice melt more rapidly, you can turn the system off and only operate the fan. Or you could just shut off the appliance and wait for the ice to melt on its own.

You may also need to Modify your filter.

By routinely changing your filter, you can avoid having to repair your air conditioner. Many problems with your machine can arise from a dirty and clogged filter. Lack of air movement can result in the system’s inability to cool effectively. A clogged filter may occasionally cause your system to ice up. Filters need to be often examined and replaced.

It is important that you Check the thermostat.

Another system component that may cost you money and give you concern is this one. If the device is battery-operated, new batteries might be all that’s required. Make sure the thermostat is set lower than the ambient temperature. Make sure the device is not off or set to only blow the fan. Unintentionally changing settings is possible.

More importantly, Thoroughly clean its system.

Frequently, the system can just be unclean. The unit may only require cleaning rather than an actual air conditioner repair. You can carefully clean the fan blades and get rid of any debris inside or close to the exterior unit. Additionally, the condenser fins can be cleaned. Blades and fins are fragile and can easily bent or broken, so use extreme caution when playing with them. In addition, turn the appliance off before cleaning it.

Finally, Examine your breakers.

Your breaker may have tripped if the appliance won’t turn on at all. The air conditioner won’t work if there are multiple lights, appliances, and other items on the same breaker. You might save money, irritation, and even embarrassment by performing this short check.

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