Synthetic Wig Care and Maintenance

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How to Wash My Wig

Do Synthetic Wigs Hold Up to Washing?

Synthetic wigs can be washed, but only with specialized wig shampoo and conditioner designed to avoid damaging the fibers. Avoid using ordinary shampoo and conditioner on your wigs since they may include chemicals that break down synthetic fibers.

When should I last do a full wash?

The frequency with which you wear your wig should be the primary factor in determining how often you wash it. Your wig needs to be washed every two to three weeks, or after you’ve worn it six to eight times. But how often you need to wash your wig depends greatly on how you live. You should wash it more frequently if you spend a lot of time around cigarette smoke, perfume, or other strong aromas. If your wig feels lifeless and appears flat, it’s probably time for a wash.

Getting Your Wig Wet

Check out how your wig looks. Dull, lifeless, over-sprayed, or tangled from excessive teasing are all signs that it’s time to wash your wig. Before doing anything else, brush your wig lightly from the bottom up using short strokes to get rid of tangles, spray buildup, and to separate the hair strands.


The First Step: Divide Into Halves And Soak

In a sink or basin, combine the wig shampoo with cool water (never use a washing machine). Put your wig in the sink for at least five minutes, and up to an hour if it’s particularly dirty. Never massage, twist, or wring your wig, no matter how dirty it gets. Avoid soaking if your wig is particularly long or tangled, and instead just hold it in your hand and trickle water through it from the roots to the ends.

The Second Step: you’ll learn

After five minutes, give it a gentle dipping motion up and down in the water. Makeup stains on the cap? No problem! Just use a little brush to remove them (like a toothbrush).

The Third Step: Rinse

You should thoroughly but gently wash your wig in cool water.

The Fourth Step: Assessing the Current State

Your wig’s natural wave pattern can be revived with some conditioning after you’ve washed it. Maintaining the wig with conditioner will extend its life and keep it looking excellent. Conditioner for synthetic wigs is formulated with oils that alleviate dryness while restoring shine and manageability to the fiber. Refill the sink or basin with clean, chilled water to use in conditioning your wig. Conditioner should be added to the cool water in the form of one or two capfuls (for human hair conditioner, follow product directions). Simply submerge your wig in the conditioner solution and comb the liquid through it with your fingertips.

The Fifth Step: Rinse Again

Again, gently but completely, wash your wig in cool water.


The wig strands may become stretched under the water’s weight, which might completely spoil the look. To prevent this from happening, dry the wig thoroughly after each use. When drying your wig at room temperature, hang it loosely from a wig stand or spray can. Do not put a damp wig on a Styrofoam or blockhead head since it will cause the cap to stretch. Also, never use a hair dryer or a comb on a damp wig. Drying in the air takes only a few hours and leaves the fibers looking and feeling healthy and manageable. Keep in mind that human hair wigs and hairpieces benefit most from being blow dried and styled with heat.

Frequently Asked Questions about Washing Your Wig

Does my brand new synthetic wig need to be washed before I can wear it?

Synthetic wigs can be worn without first being washed. Use dry shampoo if you think it’s too shiny.

Can I still wash my wig with regular shampoo?

Regular shampoo can be used for one or two washes without damaging the hair, but using it frequently is not suggested because of the shine it removes. When you go shopping for a wig, try to find synthetic items that are safe to use. Hair Care Products for Human Hair Extensions.

Is it true that washing my synthetic wig will make it less frizzy?

While washing won’t eliminate all the frizz, it will improve the wig’s overall appearance. The use of a steamer and a round brush with a metal base can remove obstinate frizz and repair damage to a typical synthetic wig. Frizz can be tamed with a boar bristle brush and some heat from a blow dryer on a heat-friendly synthetic wig. In the case of a curly wig, you will need to restyle it after smoothing.

When I wash my synthetic wig, will it soften up?

A wig’s fiber can be made more pliable and comfortable to work with by washing it. The fiber in a wig that needs to be washed will seem hard and dry before it actually is. When washed, the fiber is revitalized, resulting in increased drape and a softer hand.


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