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What is a Fabric Finish ?

it is imperative to note that Fabric Finish indeed refers to processes and techniques applied to the fabric, after it is made or sewn, to change its appearance, hand or performance. From the grey cloth from the manufacturing unit to the smooth fabric you cut up is a long list of many fabric finishes.

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Acid wash

A process of washing fabric with pumice stone soaked in special chemicals (a bleach solution, not acid) to change the appearance of the fabric and bring it softness and flexibility.

Anti Bacterial finish

This finishing process gives the fabric protection against odor-causing bacteria. It will retard the growth of bacteria.

Anti Microbial

This finish is used to control bacterial growth and hence prevent odor

Anti-pill finish

This is a special finish given to prevent pilling – forming little balls on the surface of the fabric .

Air Jet Spinning

This is the name of a process in which the fibers are spun inside a tube with jets of air. This process can give a softness to the fibers as well as resist future pilling

Anti-shrinkage Treatment

Treatments used to reduce a fabric’s tendency to shrink in size. Techniques include sponging, steaming, machine shrinking, cold-water shrinking and resin applications. If you find this marked in your fabric/ garment it will not shrink on washing

Anti -static finish

This finish prevents static build up in a fabric and also helps to give it a soft drape


This process results in smooth lustrous linen look. In this process, the yarns of fabric are flattened as the fabric revolves around a drum while the surface is pounded with hammers

Brushed finish

This is a finish in which the surface is brushed and raised so that it feels soft

Burn-out techniques

This refers to techniques that are used to make raised designs on the surface of the fabric. This technique uses a chemical paste that destroys a layer of fabric to create a patterned effect and can sometimes result in a sheer look. Also called etched or devore.


The process of removing all color from clothes to make it look white or faded with the help of bleach; fabric can also be partly bleached. In fabric manufacturing, this is done as a pretreatment process with bleaching agents

Caustic treatment

Treatments used on synthetic fabric to make it look like silk.


This is the name of an ironing process that adds sheen to a fabric. A watered look is given to fabrics. The fabric is folded in half and passed under rollers / calenders at high temperatures and pressures – the variation in the pressure produces a ripple effect on the surface.


A highly glazed finish applied on the surface of the fabric

Clipped fabrics

Clipping or shearing of floating threads between the design during finishing.


This is the ability of a fabric to retain the dyes in the fibers even after repeated washing. If a fabric is made colourfast it will not fade in future washing


This is a cleaning process that removes short fibers and arranges long fibers in parallel order and removes any impurities so that you get a fabric which is very soft and resist pilling. Combed cotton is a very soft and smooth 

Clear finish

This is a finish used on wool fabrics to remove nap /pills ;with this finish applied the fabric creases well and drapes better.


This is a  process that reduces space between fabric fiber pockets. This is done to prevent fabric shrinkage


This is a process which results in a wrinkled or puckered fabric


A process which protects the fabric from bad smell

DWR  (Durable Water Resistant)

This is a finishing process to increase durability and give water resistance


The application of a chemical treatment that reduces the sheen of man-made yarns and fabric

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