ROLL-ON are very essential when it comes to skin and body care. Today we will be talking about The Nivea ROLL-ON. Effective deodorant protection without aluminum is provided by NIVEA PURE & NATURAL ACTION ROLL-ON.

You may not be aware that NIVEA Pure & Natural Action Roll-on is entirely free of aluminum. The Fresh product line therefore includes the first roll-on that efficiently uses an antibacterial solution to limit the growth of odor-forming bacteria while also doing so without the use of aluminum.

Your skin can breathe freely thanks to the nature-identical active ingredient BIO-FLORINE in Pure & Natural Action, which offers the ideal balance of gentle NIVEA care and powerful deodorant protection. Of course, there are also deodorant spray versions of the perfumes Fresh Pure, Natural, and Flower as well as the Active and Ocean scents for men.


You may get dependable deodorant protection for up to 48 hours with NIVEA Powder Touch deodorants like NIVEA Powder Touch Roll-on. A further benefit of the gentle care recipe is that it keeps your skin smooth and radiant rather than causing irritation.

WHICH Reports Are Accurate AND WHICH ARE NOT?

You will not perspire if you take a chilly shower. In the short run, this is correct. A cold shower undoubtedly cools the body down, but the body quickly returns to normal temperature.
You risk razor burn if you use deodorants on newly shaved skin. Wrong: razor burn is caused by sensitive skin, not deodorants. To preserve your skin, use a shaving foam or shaving gel. You should next choose an alcohol-free deodorant, such as NIVEA Pure & Sensitive Spray. Nonetheless, wait a few minutes after shaving before applying antiperspirant.

Antiperspirants and deodorants, according to another myth, restrict skin pores. Deodorants without aluminum actually operate by killing the microorganisms that cause body odor on the skin’s surface. The antiperspirant chemicals, on the other hand, just temporarily close the pores to prevent excessive sweating. With zero side effects on your skin, this guarantees a feeling of freshness. It can breathe normally without restriction.

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