Double Wireless Lavalier...


  • Special and Professional, No AdapterAddtional APP
  • Bluetooth Needed,
  • Just Plug The Receiver into Your Apple Android Devices and Power on the Micphone
  • Then Start Recording (Auto-Connected&Sync)

Product Description

Double Wireless Lavalier Microphone



Note for smart phone connection microphone:

1. Samsung mobile phones have poor compatibility with external devices with TYPE-C interface. Samsung mobile phone users are not recommended to purchase TYPE-C microphones.

2. Some Android phones (older models) do not support microphone input during local video recording. Buyers are recommended to record videos on APP, Such as Facebook, YouTube and other apps with video recording function

3. If there is no response when your Android phone is plugged into the receiver, please turn on OTG in the phone settings.

4. iPhone supports local and APP video recording.


Frequency: 2.4GHz Input voltage: DC4.8-5.4V Charging port :for Lightning for Type-C Battery capacity: 80mAh Transmission Distance: 8 m barrier, 20 m barrier free Microphone size: 62*23 * 28mm Microphone weight: 7g Receiver size: 45*27 * 7mm Receiver weight: 4g


  1. Special and Professional, No AdapterAddtional APP
  2. Bluetooth Needed,
  3. Just Plug The Receiver into Your Apple Android Devices and Power on the Micphone
  4. Then Start Recording (Auto-Connected&Sync)


Double Wireless Lavalier Microphone

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  • We use the speakers to listen to sound and music.
  • The speakers and computer system are easily connectable.
  • message can be delivered simultaneously to group of people.
  • when viewing movies, listening to musicor even playing video games, plays sound.
  • makes learning more engaging; for instance, voice-over in YouTube videos is useless.
  • can aid in the development of interactive presentations.
  • Videos for professionals and students in education
  • Software that converts text to audio enables those with physical disabilities to hear and learn.
  • With audio, learning is more enjoyable.
  • The Bluetooth speakers can connect to each other without connection or wire.
  • Smart phones, tablets, and laptops all have built-in speakers.
  • They are quite transportable and may be moved from one place to another. 
  • This is regarded as key benefit for the speaker.

Double Wireless Lavalier Microphone


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