LG OLED TV 65 Inch G1PVA Gallery Design 4K Cinema HDR WebOS Smart AI ThinQ Pixel Dimming


  • 65”OLED
  • 4K
  • α9 Gen3 AI Processor 4K
  • AI ThinQ
  • True Cinema Experience
  • Unlimited Entertainment
  • A TV stand is NOT included.

Product Description

Get LG 65 Inch Smart HD TV

Product Details

Item Portrayal: Another Norm of Sharpness View each grain of sand, each piece of turf, each star in the night sky. LG 4K Ultra HD televisions contain over 8.2 million pixels, so their goal is multiple times that of Full HD. The outcome? Stunning lucidity and fine picture subtleties that will flabbergast, in any event, when seen very close.

Center Strength: For what reason do LG UHD televisions look so great? At its heart is the powerful quad-center processor that works resolutely to diminish diverting video commotion, upgrade sharpness and guarantee exact colours3.

Extraordinary Encompass Sound: Make your 4K survey experience surprisingly better with a vivid sound encounter. Ultra Encompass conveys a vivid sound encounter from seven virtual channels, requiring just the underlying speakers of the television.



  • 65”OLED
  • 4K
  • Inherent SATELLITE
  • α9 Gen3 computer based intelligence Processor 4K
  • Computer based intelligence ThinQ
  • Genuine Film Insight
  • Limitless Amusement
  • A television stand is excluded.

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Get LG 65 Inch Smart HD TV

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Get LG 65 Inch Smart HD TV





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