Kenstar 1HP Window Unit Ac Ks-c91wd


Product Quality

five stars

  • Colour: White
    • Window AC Capacity: 1HP
    • Brand: Kenstar

Product Description

Kenstar 1HP Window Unit Ac Ks-c91wd

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Product details

Kenstar airconditing systems provide the latest in air comfort technology. Add bliss to your living space with this energy efficient air-conditioner with enough power to cool a room in an instant. Featuring 1HP capacity, the KS-C91W easily cools the room without making so much noise.

About Kenstar Kitchen Appliances India Limited launched KENSTAR in India in October 1996. With many years of experience, Kenstar is easily one of the most preferred brands for electronic appliances globally.

Kenstar is all about constant innovation and developing more technology frontiers, and with products ranging from Air Coolers and Water Heaters to Microwave Ovens and a host of other kitchen appliances including Mixer Grinders, Food Processors, Induction Cook tops, etc., Kenstar products provide the best value and comfort to households without any hassle


  • Colour: White
    • Window AC Capacity: 1HP
    • Brand: Kenstar
  • Lower the high humidity The reduction of humidity in your home is the main advantage of air conditioning. You’ll stay healthier and have a less moist home if you live in a home that reduces high humidity. Dust mites, mold, heatstroke, and dehydration are all related to high humidity.
  • It saves lives. According to the Environmental Protection Agency’s most recent study, more than 5,000 Nigerians every year pass away from heat-related causes. Heat is a factor in many more deaths, however it is not the primary cause. With an effective air conditioner, illnesses and even deaths brought on by the heat can be avoided in homes and workplaces. Your air conditioner really could save your life!
  • Increases mental clarity and wellbeing Whether you have an exam coming up or need to prepare a crucial presentation for a meeting at work, hot weather is known to impair your ability to concentrate fully. An air conditioner helps keep your temper calm so that even if you’re stressed out about how much preparation has to be done, your mind will focus entirely as opposed to being hot and erupting.
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