LG 32” Inch...


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  • Antenna Input
  • AV
  • HDMI
  • USB (DivX)
  • DTV Free Channels.
  • Speaker (sound output)
  • Free Wall Bracket Included

Product Description

LG 32 Inch Smart HD TV

Product Details

web OS 3.5 simple and fun to use With the uniquely refined web OS 3.5 launcher bar, dive into a limitless world of premium content from all of the most popular entertainment providersLG 32 Inch Smart HD TVEnriches all colors to previously unseen vibrancyLG TV’s unique process not only enhances colors, but also adjusts color saturation, hue and luminance. Colors come alive with more intensity and depth.LG 32 Inch Smart HD TVImprove any image with Resolution UpscalerEnjoy any image with LG’s Resolution Upscaler, which enhances and optimizes the image no matter thel picture quality of the image.LG 32 Inch Smart HD TVBe amused with Virtual Surround PlusVirtual Surround Plus distinctively improves sound directionality for an immersive listening experience. The sound performance makesyou feel as if you are at a concert or recording studio.LG 32 Inch Smart HD TVVirtual Surround sound spreads out the spaceLG’s Virtual Surround delivers an expansive field of sound, enhancing the viewing and listening experience. Take your favorite music and movies to another level with Virtual Surround sound.LG 32 Inch Smart HD TVA sleek design with flairThe sleek design of LG HD TV deliversa healthy dose of futuristic flair to complement the outstanding HD picture and advanced features.shopby online mallPlug in a USB drive for contentSimply insert a USB stick or external hard drive containing videos, photos and music into the USB port to play and view the files.shopby NigeriaEnjoy superb audio andvideo just a HDMI cableHDMI (high-definition multimedia interface) is a modern interface standard that allows a variety of audio and video signals to be transmitted over a single cable connecting your LG HD TV to other devices.shopby Nigeria



  • 32 inch TV
  • Smart TV
  • Satellite Tv
  • Full HD
  • Panel IPS
  • Viewing Angle Wide Viewing Angle

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LG 32 Inch Smart tv

TV has authority
Information is widely available today. However, television has a unique authority. When you watch something on television, you are aware that millions of other people are doing the same and that it has been professionally manufactured, produced, and confirmed. TV continues to be the most favored and dependable source of news, culture, sports, and entertainment.

TV delivers quality
The production quality of television programming has never been greater than it is now, because to the hard work of talented individuals on and off-screen, who have built on decades of expertise and innovative ways of working and interacting with audiences.

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TV goes hand-in-hand with sport
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TV stimulates the economy
The global media sector of which television is a major part employs millions of skilled workers across the world. In addition, the success of commercial television as an advertising medium generates revenue which can be reinvested in even more great programming for viewers.

TV embraces the digital age
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TV reaches consumers & builds brands
Consumers are informed about new goods, services, concepts, and initiatives thanks to television. It improves the standing of already established brands and gives consumers confidence in their selections.

LG 32 Inch Smart tv





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