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EUR size 39 = 24.5cm (bare feet length) = 9.65 inch

EUR size 40 = 25.0cm (bare feet length) = 9.84 inch

EUR size 41 = 25.5cm (bare feet length) =10.04 inch

EUR size 42 = 26.0cm (bare feet length) =10.24 inch

EUR size 43 = 26.5cm (bare feet length) =10.43 inch

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Official shoes for men

ShopBy Online Mall sells Quality men’s causal shoes online.

Effortless style meets comfort in this premium VERSACE MEN SHOES BLACK with durable elevated soles. These amazing running shoes will be your go-to pair for casual outings as its design easily stands the test of combining both fashion and function. Classic, refined, and modern, the upper fabric allows for breathability and the solid heels enable easy traction. The minimalist design means they’re perfect for the boardroom or the bar right after work.

Assuming your feet are more extensive than normal, we suggest getting one size bigger!!! You can gain flawless and reasonable shoes; we will consistently refresh the items and will make an honest effort to suit you. It is our pleasure to serve you with great assistance and things of the greatest quality! If it’s not too much trouble, let us know as to whether there is anything we can do to assist with the size, and so forth. This sets of shoes has been carefully intended to suit any event. It has a padded sole. Put in your absolute best effort in this extraordinary aptitude configuration pair. Great shoes It has a stylish construction and a plan on the body.

This contributes to the plan’s inventiveness. The sole is both long-lasting and comfy. The shoes are made with the most durable textures and materials. It is usually simple and pleasant, with exquisite nuances. It is ideal for everyday use because it is simple and fashionable, delicate and comfortablelightweight, and wear-safe. This shoe has timeless style, but it also provides the greatest extreme comfort without sacrificing quality. It is appropriate for usage at work, school, travel, and many events.

It is great for daily use. They also offer cushioned foot bed, non-skid outsole, and smooth leather interior. Your footwear, as well as your choice of jeans or pants, indicate harsh character. It boasts sturdy outsoles that make traction breeze, and it’s also incredibly comfortable. perfect addition to formal and semi-formal clothing. We make every effort to assure total client satisfaction.

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Product Specification

Kindly pick the size follow your Foot Length (1 cm=0.394 inch).
EUR size 39 = 24.5cm (uncovered feet length) = 9.65 inch
EUR size 40 = 25.0cm (uncovered feet length) = 9.84 inch
EUR size 41 = 25.5cm (uncovered feet length) =10.04 inch
EUR size 42 = 26.0cm (uncovered feet length) =10.24 inch
EUR size 43 = 26.5cm (uncovered feet length) =10.43 inch
EUR size 44 = 27.0cm (uncovered feet length) =10.63 inch
Size diagram – – Men Size (38-48) – – – Ladies Size(35-42)
EUR size 35 = 22.5cm (uncovered feet length) = 8.86 inch
EUR size 36 = 23.0cm (uncovered feet length) = 9.06 inch
EUR size 37 = 23.5cm (uncovered feet length) = 9.25 inch
EUR size 38 = 24.0cm (uncovered feet length) = 9.45 inch
EUR size 45 = 27.5cm (uncovered feet length) =10.83 inch
EUR size 46 = 28.0cm (uncovered feet length) =11.02 inch
EUR size 47 = 28.5cm (uncovered feet length) =11.22 inch
EUR size 48 = 29.0cm (uncovered feet length) =11.42 inch

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Variation Sizes

41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46


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