The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 ShopBy Nigeria

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 ShopBy Nigeria

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4. Wow. in this video we will be talking about the specification of this phone.

ok. lets dive in now.

The finest folding phone is improved in numerous ways with the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4. You can now drag and drop material across more programs while you’re running them side by side, and Samsung and Google greatly simplified multitasking by introducing a taskbar.

Full Specification

It has Interior display of 7.6 inch OLED 2208 x 1768 and 120Hz. its Exterior is 6.2 inches 2268 x 832 and 120Hz. its CPU is Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1. its RAM is 12GB and its Storage is 256GB, 512GB and 1TB. The Rear camera is 50MP wide f/1.8, and 12MP ultrawide f/2.2, 10MP and telephoto of (f/2.4). the Front camera is 10MP f/2.2, 4MP its under-display is (f/1.8). it has a Weight of 9.28 ounces and its Battery life is 9hours 28minutes. (60Hz); 8:19 (adaptive).

Here are some REASONS why you might consider buying this phone.

it has improved cameras, a brighter display, a task bar that allows for better multitasking, and a slimmer hinge.
Though it is Quite costly, big and weighty.

The Galaxy Z Fold 4’s upgraded camera system, which uses the same 50MP primary sensor as the Galaxy S22 series, is another feature we truly enjoy. The Fold 4 outperformed the iPhone 13 Pro Max in a handful of our tests, holding its own against it.

The Galaxy Z Fold 4’s slimmer hinge, smaller bezels, and brighter primary display are some of its other best features. Moreover, the battery lasted longer.

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