Is Screen Printing Better than Sublimation?

ShopBy online mall Best Fabrics

ShopBy online mall Best Fabrics

What is a Fabrics printing?

Using pigments, dyes, or other materials in the form of patterns, printing is a procedure used to decorate textile fibers. Although they appear to have evolved from hand painting fabrics, such techniques are also very old.

Fabrics what are they?

Any substance made from fibers through weaving or knitting. The term “textile” refers to a wide range of fiber-based products, such as fibers, yarns, filaments, threads, and other fabric kinds. The term “textiles” used to only refer to woven cloths.

What advantages does cloth printing offer?

The advantages of digital fabric printing services are immediately apparent and observable. The advantages of on-demand fabric printing would be richer color, 100% accuracy, greater feel, and complete customization. This would simplify a complicated procedure.

Some Light Fabrics

Silk Fabrics which is a Very thin and fine silks that includes include Silk Habotai, China Silk, and Flat Crepe Silk. Cotton Lawn: a lightweight, thin, fine cotton or linen fabric is called lawn that has a shiny appearance and can have a soft or crisp feel. Batiste: a nearly sheer fabric composed of wool, cotton, silk, rayon, or linen. Chiffon: a sheer, light, and extremely soft to the touch in addition to having a shiny appearance. Georgette: which is constructed of silk or synthetic fibers. It is extremely similar to chiffon, though not quite as smooth. Crepe: which is a very thin fabric with a crepe texture. Handkerchief linen: it is of the highest grade and has a sheer, pure appearance and so on…

What is Screen Printing

Stretching a mesh over an aluminum or wooden frame which creates the screen. The ink-blocking stencil with the desired pattern or design will be applied to this screen. The stencil will make sure the ink flows through the mesh and creates the proper image in the cloth when the ink is applied using a squeegee.

What is Sublimation Printing

In the sublimation method of fabric printing, images are first produced using specialized equipment using special ink on unique transfer paper, after which they are heated up and pushed into the fabric. It produces a permanent printing of highly crafted, high-definition graphics on fabric. The technique is only applicable to materials made of polyester or polyester blends.

The dye “goes from a solid state to a gaseous state, without passing through the liquid state,” when it sublimates. In layman’s terms, it means having the desired image firmly penetrated onto your fabric (for someone interested in customizing cloth with his or her own images).

Advantage of Screen over Sublimation Printing

Direct-to-fabric printing is screen printing. A mesh screen is used for the process. You must create this screen separately for each color you intend to use. Through the screen, the colors are added one at a time, layer by layer, over the unprinted space surrounding your design on the fabric.

A sublimation printer and sublimation inks are used to print on specialized paper for sublimation printing, which is subsequently transferred to fabric using a heat press. You require new sublimation transfer paper and a new printing technique for each transfer.

Both techniques result in prints that are vibrant, durable, and long-lasting exactly what you want from textile printing.

The main financial benefit of screen printing. Printing a single design on several different items of clothing is quite affordable. When starting a t-shirt printing business, the majority of people begin with screen printing.

Low entry barriers make it simple to get started because all of the necessary equipment is readily available. Everywhere you go, you can find a screen printing business. You may get started on a very tight budget because the cost of setting up at-home screen printing equipment is also extremely doable and reasonable.

The same set-up, including the screen, can be utilized repeatedly to print the same design numerous times. 

Screen printing is more affordable than any other technique because the equipment is reused numerous times.

The third benefit of screen printing over sublimation printing, which is certainly a significant one, is that it can be applied to nearly any type of cloth. 

Only materials made of polyester or a polyester blend can be printed with sublimation. 

Your options are limited as a result, whereas with screen-printing, the material is completely unrestrictive.

Advantage of Sublimation over Screen printing

Sublimation printing requires a special printer and ink, which can turn out to be costly. Even if you have converted your old inkjet printer into a sublimation printer, the ink can be costly.

But when you are printing small batches, or you have different designs which you want to print on different clothes, your best bet is screen printing over sublimation printing. Being cost-effective when small batches are printed- not  possible with screen printing. To achieve various effects, you can select from a selection of screen printing inks. Any hue with a vivid effect can be used to screen print graphical prints that appear to be three dimensional.

The third benefit is that sublimation printing allows you to print on any hard surface that has been coated with a polymer (this may not be for you if you are just looking for textile printing techniques). This implies that you can experiment with many different things if you have the equipment necessary to perform this printing.


It is very important to know and understand that If you want intricate multi-color photo-realistic graphics with the full color spectrum accessible but in a small number of lots on light-colored polyester textiles, sublimation is an excellent solution.

So also, If you want a lot of cloth or garments printed with the same design and don’t mind having only a few color options, screen printing is the method to choose (one-color or limited color design or lettering)

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