The Ultimate DIY Tool: Bosch Cordless Drill Driver

The Ultimate DIY Tool: Bosch Cordless Drill Driver

The Ultimate DIY Tool: Bosch Cordless Drill Driver

The Ultimate DIY Tool: Bosch Cordless Drill Driver

Important Point

As the ideal do-it-yourself tool, the Bosch Cordless Drill Driver offers a versatile option that combines power, accuracy, and ease of use. Its adaptability allows do-it-yourselfers to tackle a wide range of jobs, from driving to drilling, and its ergonomic design and cordless operation improve user comfort and mobility. This tool simplifies the procedure and guarantees effective and polished results, making it a priceless asset for any do-it-yourself project.


Nowadays, a lot of people would rather DIY (do it yourself) rather than hire someone to do the work for them, even if they still don’t get it done to their satisfaction. Since this instrument is quick and simple to use for both home and industrial needs, it is usually advised that many know how to manage it themselves. Examining the Bosch Cordless Drill Driver, please. A versatile power tool with two modes—drilling and screw driving—is the Bosch cordless drill driver. It may be used with a variety of screw driving bits, round and hex-shank drill bits, and other attachments including wire-wheel brushes, rotary sanders, and hole saws because of its keyless chuck. Unlike electrical drill drivers, cordless drill drivers are often powered by a battery.

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  • What is a cordless drill driver
  • About Bosch
  • What are the features of Bosch drill driver
  • Uses of cordless drill driver as an efficient DIY Tool
  • DIY Tools and their difference from professional power tools
  • why cordless power tools are better than Corded for DIY
  • Available Bosch Cordless Drill Driver
  • Types of Bits used on a cordless drill driver
  • What are the risk surrounding drilling
  • Safety measures when using power tools
  • Where to buy Bosch cordless drill driver in Nigeria
  • Frequently asked Questions

What is a cordless drill driver?

This is the most useful power tool for anyone, from a do-it-yourself enthusiast to a professional, as it is capable of drilling holes and driving screws into the necessary surface. For many people, it is the first tool in their home toolkit. If you ask people to name the most popular Father’s Day gift, most likely response will be “power tools.” However, those who are more knowledgeable will likely respond “cordless drills.” It is easy to see why every homeowner should have these on hand in case of emergency home repair.

About Bosch

The Bosch corporation produces a range of power tools, including impact drills, cordless brushless drill drivers/hammers, and angle grinders, as well as associated replacement parts. These instruments are extensively utilized in the shipbuilding, water conservation, stone, and building construction industries. What characteristics do Bosch cordless drill drivers offer? When purchasing a cordless drill driver, there are numerous things to consider. I’ll outline the crucial elements you should look for when buying a cordless drill here.

1. Battery type and durability:

Many cordless drill drivers are mostly powered with sophisticated Lithium-ion batteries, which charge faster and are more robust than (Nickel – Cadmium) batteries. Because these lithium batteries don’t self-discharge, they don’t drain quickly, which is an important feature.

2. Torque:

This is the amount of force that rotates an object around its axis; in a drill, this is what produces a turning effect. It should be noted that certain cordless drills have automatic torque control, which disengages the drill engine to prevent overscrewing. It is wise to ascertain whether a model includes this function before making a purchase, though. 18 + 1 – 35 N.m.

3. Variable Revolution Per Minutes (RPM):

The speed settings on most drills range from 400 to 1500 rpm. The first thing to know is what kind of surface needs to be drilled; this will dictate the rpm you should aim for. A lower rpm is required when drilling on rough surfaces, whereas a greater rpm is required for drilling steel, etc.

4. Chuck:

The cordless drill’s component that secures the drilling bits is this one. You can manually adjust the drill bits when you switch them out based on your needs and the task at hand. The complete height of a drill bit is determined by the size of the chuck. The drill’s size also reflects its strength; the bigger the chuck, the more forceful the drill. Most cordless drills have a chuck size of 1/2 inch, however some can support up to a 3/8-inch chuck. Bosch drill drivers are designed to be useful in a number of ways, including:

Displace screwdriver:

With the aid of an associated screw bit, the Bosch cordless drill driver is utilized for attaching, assembling, and dismantling tasks. When utilizing this tool, fasten the bit into the project by placing a screw on its end. The cordless drill driver has a switch that allows it to rotate counterclockwise, which is particularly helpful for putting and removing screws.

Used in Piloting holes:

This is useful, particularly in woodworking, where a larger screw driving into the board may cause splits. The grain of the wood is separated by screws; therefore, in order to minimize wood splits, a pilot hole must be drilled first. You can speed up the screwing process and prevent splits in the wood, which could lower the wood’s quality, by using a cordless drill bit that is one size smaller than the screw’s diameter.

It can be used as a hole saw.

The Bosch cordless drill driver is a multipurpose tool that may be used to drill holes in a variety of objects, including drains, doorknobs, sink faucets, and other items that require drilling. This cordless drill driver can do jobs including cutting off a precise circle thanks to an accessory called a hole saw bit. It is attached to the drill driver and comes in different sizes.

Put in Drywall Installation:

When installing drywall, which involves lifting and holding huge panels in position before screwing drywall screws into the studs beneath the wall, cordless drill drivers are a need for drywall workers. The installer may easily insert the screw through the drywall by grabbing his cordless drill with a magnetic screw tip and bracing the board with one hand.

About Concrete: In order to drive bolts into concrete, the cordless drill driver for concrete will need a specific attachment (bits); this is made possible by the incorporation of a little vibration in addition to the drill’s sturdy rotating action. Additionally, any outdoor furniture work on concrete or screwing concrete can be done with this instrument.

Let’s now examine a few do-it-yourself projects that can be completed using the Bosch cordless drill driver.

Uses of Cordless Drill Driver as an efficient DIY Tool

Electrical equipment like power drills are mostly utilized for two purposes. They are also used to attach screws and other fasteners to surfaces and for boring holes in walls, wood, or other hard surfaces. As implied by the name, a cordless drill operates without a cord and is useful for drilling holes in walls as well as assembling a variety of furniture and woodworking projects. You may complete home improvement projects, like upgrading your kitchen, by choosing the person with the appropriate power. Let’s go over a few do-it-yourself projects that you can do with a Bosch Cordless Drill.


Certain household tasks are much simpler and less untidy when done with a cordless drill; this is because manually mixing paint can be messy. The method used First, use the drill to bore a hole in the paint bucket lid. Close the paint bucket lid after inserting the paint stirrer tool through the top onto the power tool and dipping it into the paint bucket securely.


You can’t bring an electric mixer with you when you’re somewhere without a power outlet, but a portable power drill can be a perfect substitute. Safety advice: When creating a recipe, try not to strain your wrists by precisely fitting the piece of cutlery onto the cordless drill and blending.


When it comes to gardening, using a cordless drill is a smart method to save time and dig plant holes. By attaching a large-sized auger bit to the drill driver, you can quickly and easily create a tidy hole in the ground that is the ideal size for planting seeds and bulbs.


All homes have loose screws around the house, and the cordless drill around the home to tighten loose screws can feel very productive.


One of the best do-it-yourself projects that a cordless drill can help with is hanging up pictures. With the Bosch cordless drill, you can hang up new faces and photos on your wall without having to unhook and re-plug or run the danger of tripping over the power cable. Additionally, the drill can be used on any surface, including cement, drywall, and plaster.


In addition to detracting from the aesthetic appeal of your property, algae and mildew can lead to problems like discoloration, corrosion, and weakened structural integrity if they are not observed. Have you ever wondered how a Bosch cordless drill driver can remove these growths? Since algae and mildew are extremely hard to get rid of, you’ll need the Bosch cordless drill driver, which doubles as a power washer to scrape the undesirable growth off the surface of your home.


Most drivers have experienced the situation where their car battery dies at the most inconvenient time. In these situations, having a cordless drill may be very beneficial because the drill driver can give enough current to restart the car.

While connecting the drill driver to the car battery can be a challenge when trying to start your car, avoid using jumper cables as they are too large for the drill battery’s small terminal and can even make matters worse by potentially igniting sparks that could explode the battery.

Just construct a temporary adaptor out of wires that will firmly attach to the jumpers and the battery terminals to jump start your car using a drill driver. The voltage is the next item to pay attention to, as many modern cars contain extremely sensitive electrical equipment. If the battery load is too high, there is a chance that part of the electronics could burn out. Thankfully, the majority of cordless drills for homes have a safe voltage of between 10 and 12 V.

The differences between professional power tools and do-it-yourself tools.

It makes sense to purchase a professional-grade power tool if you want to turn your hobby of metalworking or woodworking into a business, as professional power tools can be significantly more expensive than DIY power tools.

Every kind of power tool, whether it is powered by an electrical power lead, a gasoline engine, or rechargeable batteries, is typically produced by the majority of manufacturers in both commercial and professional variants.

A hobbyist purchasing a DIY power tool, for instance, would likely justify it because he was merely working on the project for enjoyment. Consequently, the need to upgrade to a more advanced professional power tool won’t arise because DIY tools are not required for simple tasks and are not used as frequently as professional-grade tools, which are utilized for several hours every day and are also designed to function in commercial environments. This is one of the reasons why professional tools cost more than DIY equipment; nevertheless, in this instance, Bosch cordless tools are the newest innovation and function as a complete combination of professional and DIY uses.

The design process for any tool centers on things like:

The condition the tools will be used under

The average run time for each use

The number of times it will be used

There are various accessories that can be used in a drill driver.

drill bits

  • grinding discs
  • router heads
  • saw blades
  • sanding Papers and belts
  • mower blades

Why cordless power tools are better than Corded for DIY

There are several reasons why both corded and cordless power tools are desirable choices. The corded tools are a better choice if you seek lifespan and higher performance. If portability, storage, and ease of use are more important considerations, cordless power tools might be the best option.

The portability and range of cordless power tools are their main advantages. Because interchangeable batteries allow for quick changeover between devices with no downtime, cordless power tools are a better fit for your workflow if you frequently operate outside or transport equipment to your jobsite.

Cordless power tools are the ideal choice if you have trouble accessing a generator nearby because they are more portable and easier to store because you don’t have to worry about maybe destroying any important wiring.

Buy from our shop

Bosch Power Tools’ distributor and supplier in Nigeria is ShopBy Online Mall. The Bosch company produces a range of power tools, including impact drills, belt sanders, angle grinders, cordless brushless drill drivers, welding machines, and associated spare parts. These tools are extensively utilized in the construction, stone, shipbuilding, and water conservation industries.

Cordless Driver Drill

Within the Bosch cordless drill lineup, the Bosch Cordless Driver Drill is a potent tool for drilling masonry. It has a new battery pack platform that is affordable and has two speeds, with a torque of 35 N m. Impressive features of our Cordless Driver Drill Bosch include a battery capacity of 10.8V/2.0Ah*2 and a maximum drilling diameter of 20 mm for steel and 22 mm for wood.The Bosch Cordless Driver Drill is a frequently used and essential tool for building projects.

Features of Cordless Driver Drill

It is Budget-friendly, new battery pack platform

2- speed 35 N m High torque

Specification of Bosch cordless Drill Driver

10.8 V/2.0 Ah*2 Max battery.Charles Volume 10 mm No load Speed: Low: 0-400 rpm; High: 0-1,500 rpm Peak Drilling Timber 22 mm, Steel 20 mm Set the torque to 18+1. Max. torque of 35 Nm Weight net: 1 kilogram Add-ons Two-hour battery charger Two-piece battery pack with plastic case packing, double-end driver bit

Bosch Cordless Driver Drill Combo Kit

The Bosch Cordless Brushless Driver Drill Combo houses the complete set of tools for light-weight drilling operations.

Technical Specifications of Bosch cordless Drill Driver

Battery: 2.0Ah at 12V Maximum Chucking Diameter: 10 mm Screw diameter maximum: 7 mm Not-loading First Gear Speed: 0 – 460 rpm Second Gear: 0 to 1600 rpm Maximum Diameter Drilling: Wood 20 mm, Steel 10 mm Force Context: 20 + 1 Maximum Torque: 35N-m in First Gear Gear 2, 16N-m

Accessories and Package

Battery charger; two pieces of 2.0Ah battery pack; hex socket bit set; 75mm screwdriver bit set; 25mm screwdriver bit set; bit set; bit holder; two pieces of twist drill bit set; two pieces of Brad Point drill bit set; two pieces of wood drill flat bit; two pieces of Hammer drill bit; ceramic tile drill bit set; expansion screw set; flexible drill shaft 300mm; plastic case packing

Bosch Cordless driver drill combo kit

Our Bosch cordless driver drill combo kit DCJZ1202 TD is an economical model with new battery pack platform,it also features 2-speed and 35 N-m.

Specifications of Bosch Cordless driver drill combo kit

Battery 10.8V/2.0Ah*1

Max.Chuck Capacity 10mm

No load Speed Low 0-400r/min

High 0-1500r/min

Max.Drilling Dia Steel 10mm

Wood 22mm

Torque setting 18+1

Max torque 35N-m

Net weight 1kg


2.0 Ah battery pack with battery charger A set of Twist drill bits, two sets of double Philip screwdriver bits (100mm/65mm), a socket set, a screwdriver bit holder of 60mm, a set of 25mm screwdriver bits, a set of socket wrenches, an expansion screw set, a tape measure of three meters, electrical tape, and plastic case packing are all included in the package.

Cordless Driver Drill by Bosch

With dual rotation, the maximum drilling capacity of this Bosch Cordless Driver Drill is 10 mm for steel and 20 mm for wood.

The Bosch corporation produces a large range of power tools and associated replacement components that are utilized extensively in the shipbuilding, water conservation, stone industry, and building construction industries. Globally, the sales network reaches over 60 nations and regions.

The company’s goal is to offer consumers throughout the world high-quality goods and gratifying services.

Features of Bosch Cordless Driver Drill

2 Speed , LED light

foward and reverse rotation.

Accessories and Package

Battery Charger, 2.0Ah Battery Pack (2pcs)

Driver Bit, Plastic Case Packing

Technical Specification

Battery: 12V/2.0Ah X 2

Max. Chucking Capacity: 10mm

Max. Screw Diameter: 7mm

No-load speed: step 1 0 – 400r/min

step 2 0 – 1500r/min

Max. Drilling Capacity: Steel 10mm

Wood 20mm

Torque Setting: 16 + 1

Max. Torque: 30N-m

Net weight: 1.1 kg

What are the risks surrounding drilling?

The risks associated with drilling for users are the potential of recoil torques caused by an increase in the total torque output from the drill as a result of increasing the friction of the drill bit in the drilled hole in the event of drilling large diameter, deep drilling or when the drill bit is jamming in the drilled hole or when it is being removed from the workpiece.

Safety Measures When using a Power tools

Safety is the state of being “safe”, the condition of being protected from harm or other non-desirable outcomes. Safety can also refer to the control of recognized hazards in order to achieve an acceptable level of risk. The condition of being protected from or unlikely to cause danger, risk, or injury.

A. Read the Instruction Manual

Improper operation, even for a split second, can cause serious risk and injury. That is why every Power tool comes with an instruction manual. Every manufacturer will provide an instruction manual on how to use a desired power tool. Failure to read this manual is the user’s fault.

Instruction manual provides invaluable information designed to:

Demonstrate how to use the tool.

Increase the safety of the user.

Reduce the risk of injury.

B. Maintenance and Inspection of The Tool

Power tools need to be properly maintained before usage. Routine maintenance and inspection can help prevent a silly injury from occurring,

Always inspect the tool prior to usage to look for any:



C. Being Cautious of The Environment

The work environment itself can be a major safety hazard. Whether using a skill saw, electric drill or a manual hammer, it’s vital to make the environment safe. A common hazard is the usage of power tools requiring an air compressor. The hose can pose a risk of tripping and falling for both the user and anyone else in the space. Keep the air compressor hose clearly in view and warn others of the hose to reduce risks.

The environment can include:


People in the vicinity of the workspace.

D. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

The first step in the equation is safety gear. PPE is a must. Proper PPE can go a long way in ensuring safety of the user. If safety gear is neglected, the risks of injury are exponentially higher.

The PFE most recommended includes:

Thick industrial gloves designed to protect the hands.

Safety glasses designed to protect the eyes from projectiles.

Hard hats used to protect the wearer from potential falling material.

Boots designed to protect the feet from injury.

Where to buy Bosch cordless drill in Nigeria

ShopBy Online Mall welding supplies and services has powerful tools that are of great quality for your construction company and DIY persons.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is there a particular speed at which materials should be drilled?

Yes, You will need to make some adjustments on the speed in line with the material properties and note that the softer the material, the higher the rate, then the harder the material, the slower the pace.

Though materials differ significantly in hardness, drilling at the correct speed is necessary, i.e., adjusting to the material and drill bit diameter.

Q2-What is Bosch cordless drill driver used for?

Bosch cordless drill/driver is a general-purpose tool designed to drive screws, drill holes and effectively solve a range of other DIY tasks.

Q3– Is Bosch cordless drill driver worth it?

Yes, Bosch Cordless drill drivers make a tremendous replacement for a hand-powered screwdriver and are more than capable of doing smaller jobs on-site or for DIY jobs around the house.

Q4– What are the advantages of Bosch cordless drill drivers?

The Bosch cordless drill driver is a powerful tool compared to other brands because they tend to have batteries with higher voltage and more efficient gear systems. This means that they can deliver greater levels of torque at higher speeds.

Q5-How does Bosch cordless drill work?

The procedure of Bosch drill drivers is quite simple. The Bosch cordless drill driver consists of a chuck attached to the drill bit, and the bit rotates in both clockwise and counterclockwise directions as the chuck opens and closes around the spindle at intervals. This Drill driver has different power levels that can be adjusted according to the needs of the project.

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