What Type of Fashion Business should you Start

Types of Fashion Business

Types of Fashion Business someone can start

You Might be probably wondering or thinking what kind of fashion business should you start, or if you even started, You Might be asking these questions or you’re probably thinking to yourself

Should i continue in this line?

Should i move to another line?

Should i do something else?

Should i should i should i so many question marks flying here and there so basically we an African inspired Fabrics and fashion designer we make ready-to-wear clothing and what is ready to wear clothing i have a video in my channel

Well, we will tell you what is right thing to wear and basically in a nutshell clothes that are tailored in sizes and ready to be sold off. So that’s what we do in shopby online Mall of Fabrics and Fashion, and also that’s what we’ve done for over three years as at the time when this article was written. To God be all the glory we are still here and we are still standing and standing strong.

So you may be wondering should you go in the direction ready to go wears, or should you go in direction measure for me and sew, or made to measure costume, they all fall under the same umbrella basically, that is a customer comes to meet you they tell you to design something for them and then you design for them and you make it for them, basically tailored to that customer’s particular size their particular body measurement.

A lot of people start fashion business because they feel that this lady made my outfit and she charged me x y and z and immediately they start thinking in their mind at home, imagine if she had 10 customers she tried those customers the same amount or even more and she had those customers within a certain period of time wow, she is making so much money that’s what we are going to do.

It doesn’t always work that way even if it works that way please bear in mind that the things that go on behind the scenes a lot of people are not aware. So it’s not always about the money really and how much the person is charging. the question is, Is that what you want to do and what is convenient for you to do and what is desirable for you to do, so if you’re someone that you like attending to people like being creative and brainstorming with your customer, then you know how to design something that they want then you are creative, just you know that is like tailoring made to measure customized made order that’s fine if you enjoy working with your clients and just basically relating with them throughout the whole process that is very very good.

Types of Fashion Business someone can start

Most times it is found limiting like when you you are just tied to a particular area may be in tailoring that is not challenging. when you know that you could do more and want want to do more.

The thing is you get the clothes ready, Its all right that you make the clothes you design the clothes in sizes and you put them on your rack for people to come and buy, they don’t necessarily have to touch which was what we deployed. So that gave us the flexibility to attend to our people and also do what we enjoyed doing.

List of Various Fashion Business

Made to Measure

Traditional Fashion

Import and whole sell



Bridal wears

Fashion Media




Guess this article was helpful if you’re trying to choose which what type of fashion business you want to do. For more info Contact ShopBy Online Mall

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