Business Production Scheme with Low Capital to Start

What Business can I start with low Capital

What Business can I start with low Capital?

Your serious and determination about what you can produce with the lowest capital is what makes strive in the business of production. In this article we will unveil some viable business idea anyone can start with the lowest form of capital and if determined and disciplined will definitely grow sporadically.

 Hair Oil Production

It is important to know that Hair oil production is a low-cost manufacturing business that you can begin from home. It is a good market potential because hair oil is used by males and females. These days, people are looking out for what can make their hair softer, silkier, and free from dandruff and lies.

For instance, you can focus on making coconut oil, olive oil, palm kernel oil, avocado oil, or other natural oil types.

You need to make sure the oil is non-sticky and has a good fragrance, then package and brand. Some of the things you need to get started include; base oil, herbal extract, perfume, mixing and bottling, and sealing machine.

Making of Basket

Basket making is a rural craft manufacturing business idea. It is an idea unique to people of different cultures. Baskets are produced from a wide range of plant fibers like roots, cane, twigs, and grasses like raffia and reeds. Then, they are made in different shapes and sizes to serve different purposes. It can be manufactured by hand or with the use of a machine.

Basket can serve as gift items, clothing, hats, mats, boxes, e.t.c

Production of Textile

It is important to know that textile production is one of the lucrative manufacturing business ideas you can start. It is a major industry everywhere in the world. It involves the conversion of fibre into yarn, fabrics, then into clothes. Textile involves a number of processes like cultivating and harvesting of cotton, preparing and spinning, weaving, knitting, finishing, colouration etc.

As a textile producer, you can focus on producing Adire, plain and pattern, Ankara, lace, guinea, or other kinds of clothes from cotton. You can make just the fabrics then market to clothing lines to design outfits. Besides, you can also focus on making and designing ready-made dresses.

Textile production is now taking an upturn in Nigeria and therefore is a good business to get involved in. Some of the equipment used in textile industries include; weaving machine, tufting machine, crotchet, knitting, e.t.c

Making of Furniture

These days, Nigerian import furniture from different parts of the world which means, we do not have enough furniture producing companies in Nigeria. Furniture making can be on a large scale or small scale or you can start small then scale up. First, you can focus on creating custom furniture like chairs, cabinets, or beddings, and as time goes on, expand on your production.

Some of the equipment for furniture making include; panel saw, hammer, edge binders, edge foilers, boring machine, drill pressers, e.t.c

Production of Flour

Milling of Flour is one of the lucrative manufacturing business ideas in Nigeria. It is a sustainable investment opportunity in the food processing industry. It is a business that involves grain processing or other agricultural produce into flours. Some of the foods that can be process include; yam, maize, wheat, and plantain, beans.

Some of the machines to make this effective include; flour purifier, bran brusher, flour blender, flour packer, bran finisher, e.t.c

Making of Shoe And Belt

Shoemaking business can start from the comfort of your home, and as time goes on, you can expand into a large manufacturing company. It is a profitable and sustainable business that requires a high level of creativity.

Shoe and belt making business come hand in hand. They are both made from a wide variety of materials like leather, rubber, synthetic, foam, textile, hook, etc. You can produce in large or small quantities and sell to consumers or wholesale to retailers.

All you need is the skill and important tools like pattern making and cutting machine, shoe mold, etc.


Leather encompasses a wide range of areas. It is one of the manufacturing business ideas that require huge attention. Leather related items are always in high demand owing to its importance to man. After making the leather, you can sell to shoe, belt, and bag making companies who then turn it into a finished product.

Leathers can be natural materials made from animal skin or artificial from paper, waxed cotton, apple fibers, teak leaves, etc. It is a profitable business as long as you have the technical know-how skill on how to turn the raw material into finished leather products.

Some of the equipment used in leather manufacturing include; leather buffing machine, shamming machine, e.t.c

Spices And Condiments

Condiments and spice are essential ingredients added to food to improve the food flavour. It helps to add colour and extra taste to the food. It is common in homes, events, hotels, restaurant or other places where meals are prepared.

Spices are high in-demand both in the local and international markets. However, it can be manufactured right from the comfort of your home, packaged, branded, and export for sale. All you need is to get the raw items, grate, add flavours, and ensure it is consumable.

With tools like mixer, grinder and raw materials, you can make spices and condiments like; chili pepper, coriander powder, ketchup, black pepper, butter, mayonnaise, turmeric, garlic powder e.t.c

Manufacturing of Paint

Paint is one of the common manufacturing business ideas that people can venture into. It is a profitable industry that requires less capital. There are different kinds of paints that appeal to different groups of people. You need to identify the market and determine the best paints that appeal to them. Some varieties of paint are emulsion, textcoat, flextured, vanish, undercoat, matte eggshell, etc.

Paints are made from solvents and chemicals like formalin, nitrosol, colorite, calcium carbonate, etc. They are then mixed and packaged.

They are used in beautifying a house and to add a great appeal to the look of a building. You can start a local paint manufacturing business if you have the skills from a corner of your home.

Some of the equipment for paint making include; mixing tank, sand mill, and paint filter.

What Business can I start with low Capital – Drinks And Beverage

Beverage and drinks is a profitable manufacturing business idea in Nigeria. Aside from being essential to hydration, it is a source of energy, vitamin, mineral, fat, protein, and carbohydrate. Although several people avoid it due to sugar and acidic content, it is still a viable market, especially in dry seasons.

To compete in this market, your product has to be unique. Also, you need to develop a winning marketing strategy that will communicate the nutritional contents of the beverage or drink.

Cooking Oil

This is one of the major needs everywhere in the world. It is a profitable and sustainable manufacturing business idea with guaranteed profit. Vegetable oil is essential for our everyday meal, and therefore in high demand in all regions of the world. It is used mostly for frying, preserving, or for cooking food items.

Vegetable oil consists of edible oil extracted from olives, peanuts, safflowers, palm kernel, cotton, sesame, grapeseed, etc. with no additives, preservatives, or special flavouring. The extraction can be done mechanically using an oil mill or chemical extraction using a solvent. Afterwards, it’s purified and if necessary refined or chemically altered then packaged.

Some of the equipment used for manufacturing cooking oil include; oil presser, crushing machine, extractor, cleaning machine, etc.


There are many types of production one can go into from the ones listed above with a great return on investment. So with these ideas fears and idleness will be conquered.

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