What CCTV Should i install in my House

What CCTV Should i install in my House

What CCTV Should i install in my House

Some types of CCTV cameras that you can consider installing in your car

Dashboard Camera: This is a small camera that you can mount on the dashboard of your car to record the view of the road ahead. These cameras are widely used for recording accidents, providing evidence of a crime, or just capturing scenic drives.
Rearview Camera: This camera is mounted on the rear of your vehicle and provides a clear view of what is behind you. Some modern cars come with built-in rearview cameras, but you can also opt for an external camera that is compatible with your car’s infotainment system.
360-Degree Camera: This type of camera is installed on the roof of your car and provides a full 360-degree view of your surroundings. This can be particularly useful for large vehicles, such as trucks or SUVs, which have blind spots.
Wireless Camera: This camera can be installed anywhere in your car and can transmit footage wirelessly to your smartphone or other device. This makes it easy to keep an eye on your car when you’re not around.

note: the type of CCTV camera you install in your car depends on your specific needs and preferences. It is advisable to research and compare several options before making a decision.

Best CCTV camera for night vision

However, based on expert reviews and customer ratings, some of the best CCTV cameras for night vision are:

Amcrest UltraHD 4K Dome Camera: features 100ft night vision, 4K resolution, and reliable motion detection.
Reolink 5MP PoE Camera: equipped with 100ft night vision, 5MP HD resolution, and a robust weatherproof design.
Lorex 4K Ultra HD IP Camera: offers outstanding 200ft night vision range, 4K resolution video, and advanced motion detection.
Hikvision DS-2CD2343G0-I: provides 98ft night vision range, 4 MP resolution, and a built-in microphone for audio recording.
Nest Cam IQ Outdoor: features 130-degree wide-angle view, 1080p HD video, and advanced facial recognition technology with night vision up to 50 ft.

It is essential to consider your budget, camera installation ease, and video storage requirements before buying a CCTV camera

Some factors you might consider when choosing a CCTV camera for your shop

Budget: How much are you willing to spend on a CCTV camera?
Image Quality: The higher the resolution, the clearer and better the footage will be.
Field of View: Make sure that the camera can cover the entire area that you want to monitor.
Night Vision: Ensure that the camera has excellent night vision capabilities to capture footage even in the dark.
Storage: Look for a camera that comes with ample storage to save recorded footage.
Remote Access: Consider cameras that allow remote access, which would enable you to check footage from anywhere in the world.
Integration with other devices: If you have an existing security setup, look for cameras that can seamlessly integrate with your setup.

Some popular and reliable brands that you can consider are Hikvision, Dahua, AXIS, and Swann. However, do your research and choose the best for you.

Where to buy CCTV CAMERA

Here are some options for purchasing CCTV cameras:

Online marketplaces such as ShopBy Online Mall, Jumia, Konga, Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart offer a wide variety of CCTV cameras.
CCTV specialty stores like Security Camera Warehouse, CCTV Security Pros, and Lorex Technology have online shops where you can purchase CCTV cameras.
You can also visit local electronics stores such as Fry’s Electronics, Micro Center, and B&H Photo Video, where you can find CCTV cameras.
Home improvement stores such as Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Menards also sell CCTV cameras in-store and online.
You may also find second-hand CCTV cameras on sites such as eBay or Craigslist, but make sure to verify the condition of the product before purchasing.

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