What Is Fashion Photography?

What Is Fashion Photography

What Is Fashion Photography?

Fashion photography is a subgenre of photography that focuses on showcasing apparel and other fashion accessories. The majority of fashion photography is done for ads or fashion periodicals like Vogue, Vanity Fair, or Elle. It has developed into a crucial method for designers to present their work to the public. Fashion photography has established its own aesthetic, where the use of unusual settings or accessories serves to highlight the clothing and accessories.

There Are Four Distinct Categories of Fashion Photography

These 4 categories can offer you an idea of the various opportunities in the world of fashion photography if you’re thinking about it. Naturally, you’ll need the appropriate gear, just like you would with any genre, but once you do, you can pick from a variety of styles. Choosing the style that best suits your wants and preferences is really all that matters.

  • Editorial Fashion Photography
  • Street Fashion Photography
  • High Fashion Photographs
  • Catalog Photography

Editorial Fashion Photography

A tale is being told through this fashion shot. In magazines and newspapers, you can find editorial fashion photography. 

The writing, which can cover a wide range of topics, typically goes with the photos.

Editorial fashion images can convey a narrative on their own or they might allude to a fascinating past. 

Editorial fashion pictures frequently have a theme or concept, or they may be related to a certain designer or model. The idea is to convey a particular mood that tells the story. These photos could feature one brand, numerous brands, and a range of photo types, from close-ups to distant vistas.

This implies that numerous types of photos will probably be needed, needing various pieces of equipment as well as diverse looks for your models in terms of clothing, cosmetics, and hair. There will probably be a variety of props as well.

Notwithstanding its difficulties, editorial photography can be one of the more satisfying forms of fashion photography since it encourages innovation.

Fashion Street Photography

Urban fashion, usually referred to as street fashion, is frequently viewed as the antithesis of high fashion. Alternative fashion is a subset of street fashion; grunge and hip-hop are two examples that eventually spread to become commonplace street fashion trends.

Compared to haute fashion, street fashion looks are more rough. It is made up of common clothing items including hoodies, pants, and shirts. It also contains attire that is comfortable without sacrificing elegance.

Instead of using models, photographers that specialize in this genre frequently photograph everyday citizens on the street. However, you must exercise caution while requesting permission to take people’s pictures on the street. There are many street fashion photographers who can attest that the guidelines aren’t always apparent.

When it comes to street style, the majority of the time, it’s not just about what the individual is wearing; it’s also about their attitude, their confidence level, the light, and how what they’re wearing emphasizes that.

The majority of photographers choose a longer lens to get images of street fashion. In this way, they may take images from a distance without making anyone uncomfortable with the photo shoot. The best fashion trends are all around you, as demonstrated by street fashion.

High Fashion Photographs

People commonly see high fashion on the covers of their favorite magazines. High fashion, however, is seen from the photographer’s perspective as involving well-known supermodels in postures that are frequently overdone, an occasionally ridiculous attire, and the seamless blending of all aspects, including hairstyles and setting, to produce a perfect image.

But obtaining the perfect photograph can be difficult. You must make critical judgments all the time regarding the setting, lighting, models, attire, hair, and many other factors. Even though a lot of stuff has already been selected for you, you still need to put it together such that it appears elegant and alluring.

The ideal model is also necessary for your photoshoot. You want someone with experience who will also work with you to create the ambiance you desire. You’ll also need a strong team in addition to the model.

You need both talented and responsible individuals. You’ll need experts in makeup, clothing, and hair style. They’ll be more helpful if they understand your goals for the session and the discipline of photography in general.

You should once more think about the atmosphere you want to create if you have a choice of site. There are other practical factors to take into account, such as whether your site requires a permit and whether you need approval if it is inside.

Then there is the apparatus. A good camera and lighting equipment are both required. You’ll need a lightweight camera with long-lasting batteries and low-light-helping features. For different kinds of photographs, you’ll also need a variety of lenses.

Catalogs Photography

Perhaps the most straightforward of the four fashion photography techniques is catalog photography. The emphasis is on the ensemble, and its goal is to sell clothing. Before moving on to some of the other styles, fashion photography is frequently an excellent place to start.

Product photography is in fact a subset of catalog photography. The presence of the model is the sole significant distinction between catalog photography and product photography. But the clothing are still the primary attraction.

The images’ backgrounds are often basic, with the most popular hues being white and grey. There are not many props and few accessories. Although they may adopt varied stances to highlight particular aspects of the costume, such as pockets, the models normally stand up straight to display the garment.

The lighting is typically the largest challenge the photographer has while shooting this kind of fashion. Use lighting that brings out the finer elements of the clothes without muddying the colors. It’s recommended to steer clear of using indoor lighting or nighttime photography for this.

Lookbook is a subgenre of catalog photography. Models wearing the clothing are photographed in real settings and in commonplace scenarios, combining catalog photography with lifestyle photography.


Fashion Photography is very essential when it comes to fashion. As explained above in the various types of Fashion Photography, you find out that this is a tool that contribute in the evolvability of fashion because it help archive all the era of fashion in Images.

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