Where Fabrics are produced

The word ‘fabric’ also derives from Latin, with roots in the Proto-Indo-European Language. Stemming most recently from the Middle French fabrique, or ‘building, thing made’, and earlier from the Latin fabrica (‘workshop; an art, trade; a skillful production, structure, fabric’), the noun fabrica stems from the Latin faber, or ‘artisan who works in hard materials’, which itself is derived from the Proto-Indo-European dhabh-, meaning ‘to fit together

A fabric is a material made through weaving, knitting, spreading, felting, stitching, crocheting or bonding that may be used in the production of further products, such as clothing and upholstery, thus requiring a further step of the production. Cloth may also be used synonymously with fabric, but often specifically refers to a piece of fabric that has been processed or cut. it is always important to know Where are Fabrics produced


  1. African Textile Manufacturers Limited (A.T.M.)

African Textile Manufacturers Limited started active manufacturing in January 1998. This company specializes in producing African and Wax prints (Crowntex, Duniya, Queentex, FESTAC, WAZOBIA and Abada Real Wax) are some of the company’s brand names. This company’s products are premium quality and used for trendy dress fabrics. A.T.M. is actively developing and capturing new markets including the Nigerian local market.  Demand for these fabrics is very high in both the local and international market.

African Textile Manufacturers (A.T.M) is located at 53, Fagge Takudu, Kantin Kwari, Kano State, Nigeria.

  1. Da Viva Fashion LTD

Da Viva is an outstanding textile company in Nigeria. This brand offers a lifestyle concept in addition to fashion garments, accessories and bags.

The company’s products are a perfect mix of wonderful designs and vivid colour solutions that are traditionally associated with authentic African fabrics.

Da Viva fabrics are 100% cotton and offer a variety of textures inspired by the world styles, shapes and colors. Fashion lovers can pick their choice from this wide range of fabrics, ready-made clothing and accessories.

It is located at No. 5, Duplex Shop 8, Block 5, Garki Ultra-Modern Market Area, Abuja.

  1.  United Nigeria Textiles Plc.

This is another world class textile manufacturing company. United Nigeria Textile Plc engages in a whole range of activities which include grinning, completing, spinning and weaving. The grinning facility prides itself to create the finest poly-cleaned cotton for high quality spinning.

United Nigeria Textiles Plc. is a Lagos based textile manufacturing company in Nigeria for the marketing of textile products and materials.

The company is located at No. 1, Davies Street, 2nd Floor UNTL House, Marina, Lagos Island, Lagos, Nigeria.

  1. Chanrai Nigeria Limited

Chanrai Nigeria Limited started as the sales department of Kewalram Nigeria Limited but has now grown into an independent facility marketing different kinds of Nigerian textiles.

The company’s specialization is to represent renowned manufacturers and enable them to trade in Nigeria where local sales traditions are essential. This success in Nigeria gives the company an opportunity to move into new markets.

It is located at No. 8A Karimu Kotun St, Eti-Osa, Lagos, Nigeria

  1.  Reddi2Wear Nigeria Limited

Here is one of the best Clothing and Home Textile manufacturers in Nigeria. The company’s products range from premium-class Home Textiles, work and school uniforms as well as pert-a-porter fashion garments made of imported American and Japanese sewing and printing technology.

Their products range from T-shirts and Polo shirts, track suits, uniforms, bags, aprons, graphic T-shirts, umbrellas,  flags, heat transfer, computer-based embroidery and monogramming services, printed mugs and pens, pert-a-porter fashion clothing, bed linen, cushions to curtains and so on.

Reddi2Wear Nigeria Limited is located at No. 10 Islamic St, Ikotun 102213, Lagos

  1. Sunflag Group Nigeria Limited

Sunflag commenced its textile operations since 1961 in Nigeria. It is a fully integrated company engaging in spinning operations, weaving and finishing. It is one of the largest home textiles companies in West Africa with world class facilities.

Sunflag Group Nigeria Limited is a manufacturer of all varieties of quality yarn required for sewing, knitting, fabric, Laces, Ankara, Aso Ebi and School uniforms.

The company is located at Plot 333, LSDPC, Odonguyan, Ikorodu, Lagos, Nigeria.


Nigeria currently has 25 textile mills, which run at a sector average of 40% capacity and employ around 25,000 people in total. The sector’s impact on job creation may not be as significant as it was during the peak of Nigeria’s textiles sector in the 1980s, as mechanical automation and improvements in technology have meant that fewer workers are needed. However, the sector has been identified as a chief area of light manufacturing under the government’s Economic Recovery and Growth Plan. However, tapping into Nigeria’s competitive advantages will not be without its challenges. Electricity counts for about 15% of production costs due to inconsistent power supply, which leads manufacturers to rely on more-expensive backup generators. It is always important to know Where are Fabrics produced.

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