Where can a Photographer work in Nigeria

Where can a Photographer work in Nigeria

Where can a Photographer work in Nigeria

The Requirements for Becoming a Photographer

Necessary Qualification

Candidates must have passed through the tertiary institution in any discipline. A certificate, diploma, or degree in photography is an added benefit. Inherent and learned talents are prized over academic performance.

Needed Skills

Focusing Techniques a working knowledge of photography, strong communication abilities, and good aesthetic judgment Ability to function as a team

Work experience is necessary

Top companies prefer applicants with at least 2-4 years of work experience as a bonus.

Where can a Photographer work in Nigeria

Photographers of fine art

Becoming a Fine Art Photographer is one of the most creative aspects of a career in photography. This photography job is ideal for you if you already have or have acquired good technical skills and an awareness of how to use light and a camera properly. A degree in the fine arts can aid you in better understanding the complexities of art as well as in connecting with the appropriate people in this profession.

Job Opportunities in Scientific and Medical Photography

You should absolutely seek for Photography jobs in the career field of Science if you wish to learn the art of photography in a technical industry. The most sought-after job profiles for photographers looking to work in the scientific or medical industries are listed below.

Scientists Photography 

These experts create extremely accurate photographs that focus on every last detail of scientific or medical phenomena that are too small to be seen with the human eye. To capture their subjects, scientific photographers use specialized methods like holography, infrared and ultraviolet microscopy, high-speed, time-lapse, and underwater photography. Scientific photography is regarded as one of the highly paid photography occupations since it requires the ability to capture tiny subjects with the least amount of processing tools.

Forensics Photographers 

In the CSI series, do you remember how photographers would swarm crime scenes and take innumerable pictures? A forensic photographer primarily performs this. These experts, sometimes known as crime scene photographers, are in charge of taking pictures of all the evidence at a crime scene. They serve as a key source of information in the investigation of crimes, taking images of victims and weapons as well as blood traces and footprints. Nearly all jobs in photography are demanding, but those who work in this industry must be resilient on both a mental and emotional level.

Healthcare photographer

Medical photographers make up a small but highly trained group of photographers. To work well in this position, they must have the understanding and technical skill required. If you have experience in medicine and a degree in photography, you are on the right track. You can have a significant impact in the field of medicine by becoming a medical photographer.


Not everyone is capable of capturing little objects, such as the tiniest bug or a dew drop, and not everyone has the requisite skill set. Photomicrography is a wonderful alternative for you if you have the photographic talents to capture details at the cellular level in amazing detail. This particular aspect of photography, among the many photography careers available, is intriguing and enables in-depth exploration of the subject. It provides you with the insight and inspiration to view things differently from what you typically perceive in daily life.

Photography of products

Although there are many different photography careers, product photography is a fantastic field to research and develop a career in. To properly advertise their products, many firms must have their goods photographed. The purpose of product photography is to ensure that the item for sale is presented and advertised to the public in the most favorable manner. Many product photographers have the option of working independently or as freelancers.

Photography in School

You can try your hand at becoming a school photographer if you believe that dealing with animals or the exciting task of covering wars are not the ideal photographic careers for you. It can be incredibly satisfying to work as a photographer in or for a school. Prior training in this field is required. Working as a school photographer’s assistant during your internship might be highly beneficial.

This job description is the perfect fit for you if you enjoy working with kids. It is much more useful if you have prior experience working with kids. Additionally, you might try your hand at infant photography, which is a lucrative industry.

Photography of people In Portrait 

Portrait photography is a great job choice if you enjoy capturing priceless moments and long for a creative career. You might work for an organization or launch your own firm in one of the most lucrative photography jobs. Along with the fundamentals of photography, you also need to have solid interpersonal and communication skills, which will be very beneficial in dealing with camera-shy people and making your subject feel at ease for the camera. Photographers for weddings and religious events, experts in pet and child portraits, photographers for the event management and sports industries, etc. are major areas where such a photographer might fit-in.


Astrophotography is the newest profession to be added to the list of photography occupations. The general public’s fascination in space has drawn a lot of attention to this subgenre of photography. It’s quite amazing to see the fascination people have with heavenly bodies. The two branches of astrophotography are as follows:

taking up a significant area of the night sky
observing objects in outer space through a telescope

Photography Taken Outside

A profession in photography can be pursued both indoors and out, whether working in labs, studios, or as a photojournalist or wildlife photographer. The top outdoor photography jobs that let you see the world via the lens of your camera are those that are listed below.

Nature and wildlife photographer

Interested in the outdoors and wildlife? Are you a fan of adventures? The field of wildlife and nature photography is perfect for you. In this line of work, workers must be able to maintain their calm under pressure, whether they are climbing dangerous mountains or traversing perilous trails. This field awaits you with its adventures and thrilling encounters if you love animals and have a dazzling ability to capture nature.

Photographer Done on the Air above the Sea Level

An aerial photographer’s main goal is to document the landscape from a bird’s eye perspective. Aerial Photographer employs planes and helicopters to capture images of the landscape, including structures and architectural wonders as well as homes and roadways. In the modern era, drones are employed extensively for this. An aerial photographer needs to be skilled with editing software and tools, just like certain other photography jobs. There have been several new aerial restaurants opening recently, and to document their visitors’ experiences, they need an aerial photographer. Additionally, you can investigate career options in the movie business, particularly in the action genre.

Sporting events Photography

Sports photography is a fairly distinct discipline among the many photography jobs we’ve listed for you. Much relies on the sport you decide to photograph with your camera. A strong grasp of composition and timing is a crucial skill needed to succeed in the field of sports photography. You must take care to ensure that the scene or moment you capture accurately captures the happenings.

To succeed in the field of sports photography, you must have the necessary connections in addition to strong training. If you enjoy sports, it is much more advantageous for you to pursue a career in this field of photography.

Photography of food

Have you ever seen colorful images of food that made you drool and ravenous? People with an artistic sense and a passion for photography are needed in the new and developing industry of food photography. Nearly all food businesses today require photographers who can make their food appear appetizing due to the rise of social media.

Photographers for newspapers, websites, cookbooks, restaurants, and hotels are needed.

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