Where is best for Fashion Designer to work

Where is best for Fashion Designer to work

Where is best for Fashion Designer to work

who are the Fashion Designers

Fashion Designers produce apparel, footwear, and accessories which serves mankind

Environment suitable for Fashion Designers

Fashion designers work for design firms, apparel companies, stores, theater or dance companies, and wholesale or manufacturing businesses. The Nigeria fashion industries are really doing well from the last decade  fashion designers predominant.

How to Start a Fashion Design Business

A bachelor’s degree is often required for entry into the field of fashion design. Candidates with technical knowledge of the manufacturing procedures for apparel, accessories, or footwear may be preferred by employers.

Salary Wage

In May 2021, the average yearly salary of a professional fashion designers is NGN 10 million Naira.

Job Prospects

From 2020 to 2030, there is expected to be little to no change in the employment of fashion designers.

Over the next ten years, there are expected to be, on average, 2,500 openings for fashion designers, notwithstanding the modest expansion in employment. The majority of those positions are anticipated to be caused by the need to replace workers who change careers or leave the workforce due to retirement.

Do fashion designers collaborate in groups?

In order to effectively communicate with their team members, fashion designers frequently work in teams throughout the design process. For instance, they would have to teach sewers on how a garment should be put together.

How long do fashion designers work?

Although self-employed fashion designers may work more hours than 32hour to manage the different tasks they must play as independent designers. Fashion designers normally put in 40 hours per week.

What is a fashion designer’s daily routine like?

A designer must be able to profit on or even better, influence such perceptions because their work is so closely tied to changing tastes and sensibilities. Through the creation of clothing, designers express societal sensibilities.

Are celebrities allowed to be fashion designers?

In the eyes of their contemporaries, a designer will become known as a great designer if they produce original and well-made designs. But in order to get fame, designers frequently work with a famous person who will be compensated to wear or loan out a piece of clothes or jewelry.


Fashion deigning is a very lucrative business in the world and right from inception there has always be evolvability. as discussed in the this article a fashion designer fits into the beauty of nature within the framework of the human race.

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