Mistakes Made by Makeup Artists in Nigerian

Mistakes Made by Makeup Artists in Nigerian

Mistakes Made by Makeup Artists in Nigerian

Lack Of Sufficient Inquiry Unsuitable Makeup For Different Age Group

Your makeup artist should elicit a lot of information from you. The more dialogue and sharing, the better. For instance, “How do you often wear your makeup?” or “Do you like lipstick or lip gloss?” or “How do you typically fill in your brows?” Get the outcomes you want with the aid of these straightforward questions.

It is also advises avoiding anything metallic or sparkly if you have concerns about fine lines because it will simply accentuate wrinkles. For example, when working with an older bride, it’s crucial to keep glitter and overly glowy luminizers to a minimal.

Too dark eyebrow filling

The brows are very important in make up because the worst makeup mistake of them all may be over-filling the brows. It looks best if you fill in your eyebrows with a color that complements your hair, or even one shade darker, if you’re a blonde. If you have darker hair, you should be cautious about making your brows darker to prevent harsh-looking brows. For the most realistic finish, we advise applying your brow product with feathery upward strokes, focusing on sparse or uneven regions rather than evenly filling in the entire brow.

Inappropriate foundation color and Maintaining The Same Makeup Effect

The use of cookie-cutter makeup may be a sign that your makeup professional lacks wedding experience. Examine his or her social media profiles and take into account some number of things: Do they highlight the events they worked on in the background? Do they have a reliable website where you can see samples of all the work they’ve done for weddings? (Good luck.) Is the makeup in the images applied similarly or was it heavily altered? (Worse symptom!)

It is also very important to note that If you use the wrong foundation shade, your face won’t match the rest of your skin, making it obvious that you are wearing makeup. For the most precise results when choosing a foundation, shade match by testing on your face rather than your arm. Purchasing two colors that appear to be similar to your skin tone is not harmful. You may either choose the color that looks best in natural light or maintain both so you can mix and match them as your skin tone changes with the seasons.

Installing Fake Lashes

It is said that, if your makeup professional applies artificial eyelashes. They’re frequently a mistake, particularly if the bride is not accustomed to them. Lashes can be heavy, uncomfortable, and they might come undone during the ceremony. Instead, choose eyelash extensions or a thick eyeliner.

Blush Not Applied Properly and Excessive makeup or improper tack

Blush is intended to give our faces a fresh, rosy appearance. If you apply blush incorrectly, such as too high or too low, you run the danger of looking older. Apply color to the apples of your cheeks while grinning, then reapply color along your cheekbones. This method produces a light that doesn’t appear garish.

In as much as we adore makeup, we should also know that moderation is key. You shouldn’t cover your entire face in concealer. Instead, start with a thin coat and build it up as needed to treat problem areas like blemishes and dark spots without emphasizing fine lines and wrinkles. For a more natural and bright finish, choose concealers that are more lightweight but yet provide adequate coverage.

Application Prior to Moisturizer

The worst enemy of makeup is dry skin. When makeup is applied straight to dry skin, the skin can become flaky, which makes it challenging to blend the makeup into the skin. Make sure your face is freshly washed and moisturized before putting any makeup. The ideal option is a moisturizer that can also function as a primer. Make sure to exfoliate every week if you want to permanently treat your dry skin!

Where To Get Good Make-ups

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Make-up is very important especially when it comes to major event ceremonies of which wedding is not left out, this article above have a list of varieties of different mistakes made make-up artist for ladies going for any event.

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